Diagnosis Tips

Auto Repair Diagnosis Tips

Auto repair diagnosis begins with the process of problem solving, and careful evaluation of the car problem. Take a few minutes before you begin to get a complete understanding of the failure.

Auto repair and diagnosing car problems should be performed in an orderly manner and should not depend on guesswork or taking chances. Let’s try an example of the above process using a common automotive problem. Let’s say your vehicle has a right side headlight out. The left side works fine and comes on and off with the headlight switch. The simple facts lead us to a logical path of diagnosis.

With the headlight switch working and the left side headlight coming on checking the fuses and circuit breakers would not appear to be a good first step. Also the switch seems to functioning OK at this time. In fact the most common cause of this situation would be a blown headlight. But let’s not run to the auto parts store for a replacement lamp just yet. Let’s remove the headlamp and test for power and ground at the connector.

You may find that there is a poor or corroded connection at the headlamp itself. Or you may find that there is power at the headlight, but no ground. Even though the above situation is oversimplified, auto repair diagnosis should be tackled in the same manner. Use the facts of the car problem to guide you in your first few diagnostic steps. When you feel that you have found a failed component take the extra step and test that component. In my opinion there is nothing worse than spending money on unneeded auto repair parts.

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Auto Repair Diagnosis

Auto repair diagnosis for technicians and do it yourself mechanics. I wanted to give you what I consider the seven Commandments of proper auto repairs. Below you’ll find the outline of these steps. Do you have to follow each and every step to be successful at repairing a vehicle? Absolutely not but take a minute to review them and see if you can fit them in to your diagnostic procedures.

Diagnostic checklist

Step one: gather as much information about the car problem as possible. Find out when and where the problem happens. Question the driver about the conditions for the complaint to surfaces. Also ask if any special circumstances are required, such as rain or snow or even road conditions such as potholes necessary to re-create the problem.

Step two: verify that the problem truly exists. Take the vehicle for a road test and try to duplicate the problem if possible. It is very hard to fix a car that is not actually broken.

Step three: thoroughly define what the car problem is and when it occurs. Notice all the conditions present when the problem happens. Also pay attention to the entire vehicle. another problem may be relevant to the complaint that was not evident to the driver.

Step four: research, all available information online and off to determine the possible causes of the problem. Try to match the exact problem with a symptoms chart from an auto repair manual. Or think about what is happening and match a related system or some likely components to the problem.

Step five: isolate the problem by testing. Narrow down the probable causes of the problem by checking obvious or easy to check items first.

Step six: continue testing to pinpoint the cause of the problem. Once you know where the problem should be, test until you find it for sure. Individual components such as relays and switches can be tested before replacement.

Step seven: locate and repair the problem then verify the repair is completed with either a road test or further diagnosis. Never assume that your specific auto repair solved the original car problem. Good quality control makes for happy drivers that will spread the word about your commitment to automotive repair excellence. Or in the case of the Diy driveway mechanic a happy family that respects the family technician!

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