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Park It Up: How Long Can You Live In an RV Park?

Are you among the 80% of campers who’s increased their RV outings lately?

If so, you’re probably wondering if it’s worthwhile heading out on the road full-time in your RV. Many Americans have already embraced this way of life thanks to the advent of remote work and homeschooling.

Could you stay in an RV park full time? Here’s what you need to know about full-time RVing.

How Long Can You Book at an RV Park?

Not all RV parks offer long-term rentals, and some states don’t allow you to live in your RV, even on your property. If you’ve got your heart set on Oregon Coast RV parks, you’re in luck, but always inquire about this aspect before you decide on a location.

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RV parks in premium tourist areas often place a two-week restriction on bookings. Some allow you to come back for another two weeks if you leave for as little as a day.

So, if you’re set on one of the Florida Keys RV parks as your next home, you might have to consider juggling your accommodation.

RV Park Expenses

Aside from your monthly rent, you’ll also have to pay for electricity hookups if you stay in an RV park.  Other costs include the installment on your RV, fuel if you need to travel a lot, propane gas for your cooker, and insurance on your RV.

If you buy a very expensive RV and stay in an upmarket RV resort, you might find it cheaper to move to an apartment instead. There are RV parks that offer affordable monthly or annual rates for full-time RVers, so shop around before you make your decision.

Seasonal Closures

Many RV parks close for a part of the year. So, if you’re considering Colorado RV parks, keep this in mind. Most places with extreme winter weather close between November and March.

Don’t assume RV parks in Florida or other warm states stay open all the time, either. Rather, do some research to find an RV park that remains open all year round.

Space Issues

RVs simply cannot compare to a freestanding home when it comes to space. So, if you have boisterous kids or large pets, you might want to reconsider full-time RVing.

You’ll also have to trim down on everything but the necessities if you want to live in your RV. There’s only a little cupboard and closet space in these vehicles. You’ll have to make do with indoor furniture provided and fold-down beds in some cases.

On the upside, you’ll have constant access to all the RV park amenities, like a swimming pool, without having to worry about maintenance and repairs.

Other Considerations Before You Embrace RV Living

The short answer to the question about how long you can stay in an RV park is, ‘it depends.’ Always consider your family’s wishes, your budget, and the practical aspects of full-time RVing before you sell your home and head off into the sunset.

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