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A Preventative Maintenance Checklist For Maintaining Your Mercedes

Each year, over 17 million Americans buy a new vehicle. Before choosing the type of vehicle to purchase, taking some time to weigh all of your options is a must.

For years, the Mercedes Benz brand has been synonymous with quality and innovation. These vehicles are both very appealing and built to last.

Once you have purchased a Mercedes-Benz, your main objective needs to be keeping it in good working order. The best way to do this is by following a detailed preventative maintenance checklist.

When the need for car maintenance arises, working with a seasoned mechanic is a good idea. Read below to get an idea of the Mercedes-Benz service checklist you need to follow.

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Checking and Changing the Air Filter

Faulty and worn air filters can cause a number of problems for your Mercedes.

Replacing the air filter on your vehicle every 12 months or 12,000 miles is essential. Not only will neglecting to replace this filter cause AC problems, it will lead to you breathing in unhealthy air.

If you are unsure about where your air filter is or how to change it, consulting with a mechanic is essential. Allowing professionals to do the work involved in maintaining your Benz can help you avoid crucial mistakes.

Don’t Leave Tire Pressure Monitoring Off of Your Preventative Maintenance Checklist

The tires on your Mercedes are the only part that actually touches the road. Over time, this vital part of your vehicle will being to wear.

Taking the time to check the tire pressure regularly is important. Operating your vehicle with tires that are underinflated is a recipe for disaster.

If you start to notice the tires on your car are constantly losing pressure, chances are there is a leak somewhere. The best way to diagnose this problem is by working with a knowledgeable mechanic.

Once a mechanic finds the source of the leak, they can offer you guidance regarding whether or not to repair or replace the tire in question.

Keep an Eye on Your Fluid Levels

The various moving parts on your Mercedes require a great deal of lubrication to run correctly.

Each time you press down on your brake pedal, the hoses attached to your brake calipers release brake fluid. This fluid is meant to help this vital component stay lubricated and working correctly.

Other fluids in your transmission and engine also perform a very specific and important job. Checking the various fluids in under your hood to ensure they are at the right levels is essential.

Without the proper amount of lubrication, the internal parts of your engine will get damaged. Instead of having to deal with the frustration and high cost these types of repairs warrant, you need to keep an eye out for fluid-related issues.

Have Your Battery Checked Regularly

For your car to start and operate efficiently, the various components of your charging system will have to function properly.

The battery and alternator are perhaps the most important parts of your car’s charging system. Generally, drastic changes in the weather can affect your battery’s ability to hold a charge.

Instead of waiting until this problem leaves you stranded on the side of the road, you need to have your battery checked on a monthly basis. By doing this, you will be able to address any issues with your charging system immediately.

Getting Your Spark Plugs Changed

If the check engine light in your Mercedes comes on, taking it into a mechanic for diagnostics is a good idea. The high-tech diagnostic machinery these professionals have will allow them to pinpoint the issues your vehicle is having.

When a car begins losing power, chances are there is an issue with the ignition system. If the spark plugs in a vehicle are old and worn, they will be unable to work properly.

Having your spark plugs replaced every 30,000 miles will help you avoid these problems. For an accurate figure on how often your Mercedes needs to have its spark plugs changed, be sure to look at the owner’s manual.

Tire Rotation and Balancing

If you are like most car owners, finding a way to keep your vehicle running properly is one of your main concerns.

In order to prevent the tires on your Mercedes from wearing unevenly, you need to have them rotated and balanced routinely. Rotating the tires will help you avoid undue wear and can actually extend the life of this vital car part.

Trying to do this complicated work on your own is both dangerous and foolish. A mechanic will have a hydraulic lift that allows them to get this job done quickly and correctly.

Focus on Keeping Your Windshield in Good Shape

Most car owners take their windshield for granted until there is a problem with it. Having a chip or crack in a windshield can obstruct your view and prohibit you from driving safely.

As soon as these issues surface, getting them repaired is a must. You also need to focus on keeping your windshield clean to avoid any problems while behind the wheel.

Regularly changing out your wiper blades is also wise. Worn out wiper blades will not be able to remove rain from your windshield properly, which is why changing them out is a must.

Inspect the Belts and Hoses on Your Mercedes

Popping the hood and getting a look at your car’s belts and hoses can help you detect repair issues before they cause lots of damage.

Over time, the belts on your vehicle will begin to wear out. If these worn belts are not replaced, they will snap and leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Consulting with a mechanic is a good way to get a second opinion on how to fix the belt or hose issues you have discovered.

Keep Your Car Running Efficiently

The time and energy invested in maintaining your Mercedes Benz will pay off. By following a preventative maintenance checklist, you can avoid damage to your prized possession.

Are you looking for more information on how to maintain your vehicle? If so, check out the helpful information on our website. We have information on how to diagnose repair issues and what you need to do to fix these problems.