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7 Best DIY Spray-in Bedliner for Your Truck

Hauling cargo represents a paradox in truck ownership. On the one hand, you want to be able to lift, pull, and haul anything and everything. On the other hand, you want to keep the investment that is your truck intact.

Fortunately, engineers have worked on ways to prevent damage in the first place. Add this to your ability to repair the internal and external damage yourself and your truck will last.

For hauling cargo, in particular, knowing the best DIY spray-in bedliner options can help save time and money. No more worrying about gouges from scrap or burns and stains from grease and chemicals.

Much like your truck, the best products for one person isn’t going to be the best for you. You have your own needs and purposes in mind. Read through our criteria and reviews to find the best spray-in bedliner for your needs.

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Best DIY Spray-in Bedliner

To find the best DIY bedliner, you need to know what a liner offers. We’ll break down the criteria for our reviews in the following terms:

  • Price
  • Effectiveness
  • Durability
  • Ease of Application

We’ll indicate which product does the best job in each category and which excels, but maybe doesn’t dominate, in several at once.


We don’t live in a world of endless resources. Even if a product is twice as good in every category, if it does so at 4x the price of a competitor, it isn’t always worthwhile. We’ll break down the price point for value as well as overall cost.


This breaks down between which kind of effective as well as how effective. Don’t pay for a DIY bedliner boasting great water resistance if you don’t operate in a wet area. Likewise, a liner that resists stains and chemicals like none other is useless if you haul nothing but rocks and scrap.


How long with the bedliner last? How many coats do I need to get to the desired effectiveness rating? Can I repair gap or do I have to replace the whole thing?

We’ll answer these questions to ensure the bedliner doesn’t cost more on the backend than advertised.

Ease of Application

Even the best bedliner won’t be worth it if you have to spend three days working on getting it in. Save time and money by investing in something easy to DIY.

Keep these criteria in mind as you read through these spay in bedliner reviews. As always, when making any modification to your vehicles keep the manual to hand.

1. T-Rex Spray-in Bedliner (SMR-1000-K4)

A quick and dirty addition to the do it yourself spray-in bedliner, T-Rex utilizes a combination of chemicals. The first base material goes on. Then an activator spray speeds up drying and hardens the liner.

While the sound dampening quality cells, the real strength of the product comes from the textured effect. This gives solid grip and prevents slips which could lead to abrasion.

The abrasion resistant doesn’t flinch even from dropped rocks and metal. Weather resistance protection offered adequate resistant to water and cold. The lowest point was the stain resistance which tended to show oil pools around larger chunks of the material over time.

2. U-POL Tintable

Best for use in humid areas or cold areas with frequent weather changes. This quick dry product goes on smoothly with a two-component urethane that sets and bonds.

The product takes at minimum two coats to get done. This takes a bit of time to reset but since the second coat features a hardening solution which speeds up drying time it makes up the effort.

The tintable product has a base to apply so you can test match color before hitting it with the hardener. This lets you adjust the color with confidence.

This bedliner works well against stains but can show abrasions more easily as it is a touch thin. This is the most affordable of the liners reviewed here.

3. Herculiner Truck BedLiner Kit

For a bit of change in application technique, Herculiner spreads on with a brush and roller rather than air-spraying. This gives it an advantage in high humidity areas where spraying can seal in moisture.

The shiny quality from the application also bears note. Because the material is laid down by a soft sponge, it tends to give a smooth layer rather than a rough texture.

Resistance is highest against stains and chemicals. Though, it is also strong against scratching and rust. The lack of a textured finish makes it less ideal for grip or easily shifted loads.

4. Linerxtreeme Spray-in Bedliner

For the newer truck owner or those unfamiliar with using a sprayer, Linerxtreeme provides a rigorous step-by-step instruction set. The price on this DIY liner tops the list but gives some bonuses for that money.

The liner sprays in well when the instructions are followed. This also gives you some fine control for doubling up on areas. Places near wheel wells or the cab take extra hits. So spray more to provide a little extra protection while not looking lopsided.

The dry time can be slow, but the results have high durability. The resistance to abrasion is top notch while the weathering and stain resistance are admirable.

The spray gun works better than some of the other free with kit sprayers as the handle clogs less often.

5. U-POL 0820V-GUN Urethane Truck BedLiner

The price point and resistances on this bedliner make it a solid choice for nearly any need. Like others in the U-POL line, it comes with a free spray gun, and the full kit contains everything needed.

Boasting the longest lifecycle of anything else here, this liner also goes in quick. The ease of installation makes it even better. The hardener combines in the spraying process, so you only have to apply a single coat.

Protection against abrasion, stain, and weather all fall second place to other products but are the strongest across the board in the DIY market. But for those looking to use installing professional-quality liners, check out products sold through this website.

6. Custom Coat BedLiner

Custom coat goes on quickly by using a thinner undercoat than most other bedliners. While most products range from 1.5-2 gallons, Custom coat protects with only 4 liters.

The material lays down a bit thin at first but the second hardener/activator produces a nice hard shell after drying.

The price falls in the middle of the pack while also providing enough material to cover either a larger bed or two smaller beds.

Protection from elements was high while protecting from abrasion was only mild. The material mars easily which can be hard to see but doesn’t provide the same rubbery sound dampening of other liners.

7. U-Pol Raptor Black Urethane

You will enjoy the UV-resistant tintable material in this one. U-POL delivers a solid product for customizing and matching paint. The material doesn’t fade from sunlight, so it maintains its appearance through a lifecycle.

Purchased as a whole kit, the product is a bit pricier than other options but provides a lot of value for what you buy. The free sprayer can offset some of that cost for those without a lot of nozzles lying around.

The protection is excellent with high levels of vibration dampening to offer a quiet ride that also resists damage. Rated equally well for scratches and chemical damage this is an overall good product.

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