Store a Car for the Winter

How to Store a Car for the Winter

Do you live in a part of the country where it gets very cold and snowy during the winter? If so, you’re going to need to take steps to provide your car with the protection that it needs.

If you’re going to continue to drive your car all winter long, that might mean investing in a garage for it if you don’t already have one. It’ll also mean getting dangerous road salt off your car as quickly as you can.

If you don’t need to drive your car in the winter, meanwhile, you should learn how to store a car in the winter. There are storage units specifically designed to keep cars safe throughout the winter.

Find out how to store a car for the winter below.

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Track Down a Storage Unit for Your Car

You’re probably not going to be able to store a car for the winter in just any storage unit. You’re going to have to locate specific car storage units for rent.

Google “storage unit for car” to find the names of some storage facilities that can help you out. Compare the storage units that they have available and see what kinds of storage unit prices they charge.

You should be able to find at least one storage facility in your general area that can show you how to store a car for the winter. Visit to see one excellent option.

Prepare to Put Your Car Into the Storage Unit

If you’re going to keep a car in a storage unit all winter, you’ll need to do more than just drive it down to the unit and stick the car inside of it. You’ll have to prepare the car accordingly for long-term storage.

Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Fill your car up with gas
  • Have the oil in your car changed
  • Inspect your car for any signs of fluid leaks and have them repaired

You’ll be asking for trouble if you put a car into a storage unit without doing the necessary preparations. It could leave you with a long list of issues once the spring comes back around.

Check Up on Your Car in Your Storage Unit Every So Often

As long as you prepare your car to be stored, you shouldn’t have to worry about any problems popping up during the winter. But even still, you should make it a point to check up on your car every now and then.

Head down to your storage unit and make sure that your car is doing OK in storage. It’ll provide you with peace of mind and prevent you from having to be concerned about your car while it’s being stored.

Knowing How to Store a Car for the Winter Is Essential

Storing a car in the winter can improve its longevity. It can also help you avoid costly maintenance and repairs.

Now that you know how to store a car, go look for the right size storage unit for a car that you want to put away for the winter. You shouldn’t struggle to find one at all.

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