rarest cars in the world

Meet the Rarest Cars in the World

Expensive cars may turn heads, but rare cars have a story.

The reason for the rarity varies, but they all have two things in common: there’s very few of them, and they’re very, very expensive.

So let’s dive in and take a look at some of the rarest cars in the world.

Rarest Cars in the World – Our Picks

Packard Panther

If you want futuristic and retro in a single package, the Packard Panther is there for you.

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Looking like something from The Jetsons, the Panther was built in 1954 as a show car, with more than few futuristic features to match its design.

The Panther never entered widespread manufacture. The Panther was always an endangered species, but now it’s a dying breed – only two of the four original Panthers still exist.

Combined with its distinctive cat’s ‘face’ modeled after its namesake, the Packard Panther is one of the strangest treasures of the automobile world.

Tucker ’48

The Tucker ’48 has a sordid past.

Named for the year of its manufacture, only 51 of the ‘Tucker Torpedoes’ were ever produced.

Its manufacturer, Preston Tucker, ceased operation in 1949 amidst a media frenzy. Accused of stock fraud, Tucker was eventually acquitted of all charges. Even today, the theory remains that Preston Tucker was muscled out of the industry by his competition.

Francis Ford Coppola is a fan. His 1988 movie Tucker: The Man and His Dream is based on the true story, and Coppola proudly displays his own Tucker ’48 in his winery.

1954 Oldsmobile F-88

Unlike some other cars on this list, the Oldsmobile 88 line itself isn’t rare. There are plenty of brothers and sisters to F-88 out there, but only four of this particular model were ever built.

It’s believed that only one of these still exists.

Another car with a retro-futuristic vibe, the F-88 is still pleasing on the eye with its stylish curves and design chock full of personality.

With its part in shaping the future of the automobile industry over, the last remaining F-88 now sits on display at the Gateway Colorado Automobile Museum.

Mercedez-Benz 300SL Gullwing

This bizarre creature is another native of 1954 – a year that produced a number of the rarest cars in the world!

By far the most standout feature is the titular gullwing doors. But it had a few other claims to fame: as one of the first cars with fuel-injection, it broke top speed records in its day.

The 300SL represented a forward-thinking gambit of toning down sports cars for sale to wealthy enthusiasts, which now represents a huge bracket of the most valuable cars in the world.

Ferrari F50 GT

Not all of the rarest cars in the world are from the distant past.

The F50 was built for the track in 1996, intended to race with household names like the McClaren F1 and the Porsche 911. Sadly, it was outclassed before it could ever go into full production.


Only three F50s were ever made, and these were sold on to customers. The poor F50 became a dead-end, outmoded before it could even face its competition.

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