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6 Honda Civic Modifications You Need to Have

If you’re a Honda driver, you’re probably already aware of the huge mod culture that surrounds Hondas. Honda builds cars meant to out-perform other cars, which means they’re the perfect car to improve upon.

It’s simple: other car types just aren’t as fun to modify. They’re not as easy to modify, either, and modifications just don’t show the same results. If you want fast and loud, Hondas are your car.

If you’re a Civic driver, there are tons of Honda Civic modifications out there to upgrade your Civic in a hurry. Keep reading to learn the top six modifications you need to have!

Cold Air Intake System

Before you focus on aesthetics, focus on Honda Civic performance upgrades. First stop: the cold air intake system.

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Cold air intake systems work by bringing cooler air directly into your Honda’s cylinders. Cooler air is denser air, which means it’s laden with more oxygen than your factory air intake system is able to provide your engine. More oxygen equals more power.

It’s essentially like Vick’s Vaporub for your car. A cold air intake system mod will literally breathe new life into your Honda’s engine.

Suspension System

If you want to race on a track or even on a winding highway at night, there’s no getting around it: you need a better suspension system.

Don’t let the other guy get lower to the ground than you. Mod your Civic to be able to take those turns with ease and minimal G-force.

This is where a new suspension system comes in. Most people think that a smooth ride simply has to do with your tires, but that’s not entirely true. It’s your suspension system that absorbs the G-force from your car running over an imperfection in the road.

Good tires help, of course, but the suspension system is the real workhorse of a smooth ride with minimal G-force getting in the way.

Brakes & Brake Pads

Installing aftermarket brakes and brake pads is a combined effort towards both performance and safety. Upgrading parts on a Honda Civic means you’re adding a lot of power to your ride, and you need to be able to rein that power in when the time comes.

When it comes to safety, you know how important it is to be able to brake smoothly and easily. When you’re street racing, you’re sometimes going upwards of 100 miles per hour. That’s not easy to come back from should you need to swerve off the highway.

53% of those killed in street racing accidents are not drivers. In many situations, those fatalities could have been avoided by an extra-alert driver with a premium brake system. Don’t let it happen to you.

When it comes to performance, brakes and brake pads are one of the best Civic mods for cornering. You need ultra-sensitive and smooth brakes to be able to brake into a corner without losing your momentum on the way out. Factory brakes won’t cut it.


This one’s a no-brainer. Every modified Honda has an aftermarket exhaust, so it’s one of the most essential modifications if you want to stay in the game. Honda drivers use exhaust notes to size each other up.

The exhaust note is that rich, loud growl your car makes as you accelerate. It’s the mark of a true Honda modder. Some exhaust systems even market themselves according to the sound of their exhaust notes!

What exactly does an aftermarket exhaust do for your Civic, though? Essentially, it frees up some power for your engine.

Exhaust systems are meant to allow escape of exhaust gases after they’re spent. Aftermarket exhaust systems do this more efficiently; some even feature multiple channels, like a dual or triple exhaust system, to allow more space or gas to escape.

When spent gases escape faster, it creates room for more faster. That means your car will burn air and fuel up faster, leading to a better respiratory system throughout the car. It’ll run faster and smoother.

Civic Car Bra

Okay, now we can get to the aesthetics. First things first: a car bra.

You’ve probably spent a fortune on your Civic’s custom paint job, right? That means you want to protect it from chipping for years.

The best protection you can get for your paint job is a car bra. It’s a fabric fitting that goes over the front bumper of your car, keeping bugs from eating it all over the grill and rocks from flying up and chipping your paint.

Car bras also prevent things from running down off the hood onto the front bumper. This is likely small stuff, like sand and dirt. Over time, though, these can slowly chip away at your paint job.

If you don’t want your paint stripped to the metal on your front bumper, especially when you’re racing at 100+ miles per hour, invest in a car bra.


Like aftermarket brakes, headlights are another combined effort, but this time it’s for aesthetics and safety.

When it comes to safety, the importance of super bright headlights can’t be stressed enough. Most street racing is done at night, and you need to have 110% visibility. Factory headlights are not bright enough for the type of driving you’re doing, where you essentially need to see around the corner before you even take it.

Aesthetically speaking, headlights can take your Civic from drab to fab quickly. They’re one of the easiest upgrades to give your Civic that modded look on a budget.

You can also choose different tints and warmth levels to your headlights, which gives you more control over the aesthetics and overall feel of your Honda.

Honda Civic Modifications and DIY Fixes

You’re read up on the six most essential Honda Civic modifications. Hopefully, you’ve picked up a few tips that’ll put your ride ahead of the game.

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