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Top 8 Low Maintenance Luxury Cars

Some luxury cars can cost as much as $17,800 to maintain over the course of 10 years. When you read a stat like that, it can feel as though owning a luxury car is an impossible dream.

But it doesn’t need to be this way, as some luxury cars are low maintenance and therefore cheaper to own.

In this post, we’re going to explore the top 8 low maintenance luxury cars. By the time you reach the end of this post, you’ll know what it takes to own a luxury car, without breaking the bank.

Let’s begin!

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1. Audi A8 (2003-2009)

When this car was initially released, there were a lot of problems associated with repairs. But the latter models overcame these issues and are much more reliable.

One of the great things about this car is the suspension. It has something known as ‘air ride suspension.’ This allows the car to handle corners a lot better than you’d expect. It also makes driving on the highway a more comfortable experience.

If you’re going to buy this car, it’s worth taking it out for a test drive. This’ll let you judge the quality of the suspension. If the suspension doesn’t feel as good as it should, it can be a sign the car isn’t properly taken care of.

This car also has parking sensors that reduce the odds of you bumping into something when parking. Again, if you’re buying second-hand, check the sensors work ahead of time.

2. Infiniti G37 (2008-2013)

This car can be purchased in either sedan form or as a coupe. This gives you the option of buying a luxury car that has a sporty look, or one that looks a bit more formal.

The parts for this car are like the parts used by Nissan cars. This means that they’re easy to get ahold of and generally don’t cost a lot of money. So, if there ever is a problem with the car the issues can be fixed quickly and affordably.

The car comes with an all-wheel-drive option. This provides the vehicle with a smoother drive, especially when handling corners.

The all-wheel-drive feature also means the car is going to fare better in severe weather conditions. Yet the small tire size can limit its ability to do this. Because of this, you may want to invest in the right tires if you frequently travel in bad weather conditions.

There are many airbags throughout the car. It also has traction control and stability support, to reduce instances of sliding. Some models also come with adaptive headlights, to help provide better visibility when driving in the dark.

There’s also a feature known as ‘Preview braking.’ This is where the car will automatically brake if its sensors think an impact is about to occur.

Depending on the model you buy, you can even get a Bose stereo system in the car.

3. Mercedes-Benz CLS (2005-2010)

It would be difficult to create a post based on luxury cars and not give Mercedes a mention. A cool thing about this car is that it looks like a coupe, without actually being one. This can mean you end up with a sedan-like vehicle, with a sporty feel to it.

This car generally comes with an automatic gearbox as standard, which can make the car easier to drive.

Buy one of the high-end models, and you’ll be able to enjoy a premium suspension system. This can make long trips feel a lot more comfortable. If you’re unable to afford the higher end models, that’s fine. The standard suspension is more than enough, thanks to Mercedes clever engineering.

There are many airbags in this car, and it also has a ‘Pre-safe’ system. This feature is designed to automatically ‘lock’ the seatbelts if the car detects an impending impact.

The interior of this car has a premium feel to it. There are a lot of electronics and buttons, though. This can sometimes be overwhelming, yet many people find that the car doesn’t take that long to understand.

This cabin is designed to reduce the amount of external noise. When driving this car, you should be able to have a conversation, without ending up with a sore throat at the end of your journey.

4. Second Generation Cadillac CTS (2008-2014)

For a while, Cadillac had a moment where it wasn’t considered a good luxury car maker. But this model is doing an excellent job at making sure that’s no longer the case.

This car has an unusual design, and you don’t come across this style with other luxury car models. This can be a good thing if you want a car that doesn’t follow the standard luxury look.

One of the issues with this car is that it can sometimes feel as though there’s a shortage of rear space.

Also because this car has a small engine, in comparison to its size, performance isn’t as strong as you’d expect it to be. The all-wheel-drive version of this car can also experience poor fuel economy. This can increase the running costs of the car.

5. Acura TL (2009-2011)

The Acura TL has a history of being one of the top-selling sports sedans for this manufacturer.

This version is a makeover of the car that is considered a bestseller. The newer version is provided with a more powerful engine and also has an all-wheel-drive component. Some of the later models (2010 onwards) may include a six-speed transmission (manual).

This car has a beautiful interior which emphasizes the luxury aspect of the car. It’s leather-trimmed, and the seats provide lumbar support. This is helpful if you sometimes suffer from back problems, especially during long trips.

There are also buttons on the steering wheel. These can control the radio, but they also help you manage the cruise control system. This can help reduce the risk of an accident, as you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to make simple adjustments.

6. Hyundai Equus (2011-2013)

Hyundai isn’t normally a brand you’d expect to produce a luxury car. But this car definitely has a luxury feel to it.

This car is relatively large, and this adds to the luxury feel of the vehicle. People who are sitting in the backseat should find themselves with more than enough space. It’s also very quiet in the cabin of the car. The sound system is also designed to produce a great experience.

There is no all-wheel-drive option. This can be a big problem if you live in a region where the weather is consistently treacherous. There are also some reported issues with the stopping distances for this car.

Though the interior is quite large, people tend to report that it doesn’t have a ‘premium’ feel to it. This is sometimes a matter of opinion, and so you’ll want to check the car out for yourself to be sure.

7. Lincoln MKZ (2010-2012)

Like some of the other cars we’ve covered, this car has an unusual style, especially towards the front. Some people love this design, and some people may not be so fond.

There’s reason to believe this car can provide 41 miles per gallon. There are all-wheel-drive versions of this car. The power steering on this car is very well done, and drivers should not find it difficult when handling corners with this car.

The interior of this car does an excellent job at making this car seem like it’s a luxury car. The cabin uses good quality materials, and the seats are considered very comfortable. Some people might argue the buttons in the car, though, can be a bit confusing.

8. BMW 5 Series (2010-2017)

BMW cars are generally considered to be one of the best-engineered cars on the market. With that in mind, maintaining a BMW is often as something that’s easy.

You’ll tend to find this car is more expensive than the other models we’ve covered. Yet this extra cost is reflected in the driving experience. The car is designed to handle extremely well, and you’ll find it’s easy to drive over long distances.

It’s also a huge car, and this means there’s a lot of space in the back seats. It also means the size of the trunk is large too. Due to the premium design, the interior cabin of the car is hushed. This alone makes the car feel luxurious when it’s in use.

Many might consider this to be a ‘European car.’ So, if you want to check out this model, you may need to go to a dealership that offers a wide European car selection.

Are You Aware of the Best Low Maintenance Luxury Cars?

Different people focus on different things when buying a luxury car. For many, the amount of maintenance required is something that demands a lot of attention.

In this post, we’ve reviewed eight low maintenance luxury cars. It’s important to remember that if you’re going to buy a luxury car, you should consider how expensive parts and tires are going to be for the car.

This will let you know what your expected maintenance costs will be, should something go wrong. Understanding the most common failure points for a car can also give you a sense of what repairs might cost. All of which can improve your ability to choose the right car in the end.

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