Regular vs Ceramic Window Tinting

Regular vs. Ceramic Window Tinting: The Differences and How to Choose What’s Right for You

When you’re driving in your car, it’s essential to be comfortable. It helps you to remain focused on the road without adjusting too much.

But sometimes, environmental factors like the sun’s rays can affect your vision while you’re driving. So how do you defend against the sunlight?

You can use window tints. There are different options to choose from, like regular and ceramic window tinting. If you want to increase your road safety, continue reading to learn about the differences between the two tints.

Regular Window Tinting

Regular window tints are dyed tints. They’re tints that provide privacy and offer little protection. You can get them as dark as you want to, as long as you meet your state’s window tint criteria.

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Some drivers choose regular window tints because they’re the most affordable. However, they face discoloration and need to be replaced every few years.

Also, the sun’s UV rays will still penetrate your vehicle, increasing its internal temperature. It doesn’t matter how dark your tints are; they need to specialize in blocking sunlight and keeping your car cool.

Ceramic Window Tinting

Ceramic window tints are a popular choice among drivers because they do what regular window tints can’t. You’ll be able to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays and your car from getting hotter.

Ceramic window film is made from nano-ceramic particles, which are non-conductive to heat. They’re scratch-resistant and offer your vehicle the highest level of privacy and security.

Unlike regular window tints, the ceramic tint does not fade and discolor after years of exposure to sunlight. Also, these tints won’t block cell phone and GPS signal like other window tints would.

Which Tint Should You Choose?

Choosing a window tint comes down to personal preference. Think about how hot your car feels after sitting in the sun too long. Also, consider how much you drive and how the sun affects you when you do.

It will enable you to choose a tint that is more suited to you. But if you’re still having trouble, here are the key differences between the two.

Regular window tinting:

  • Are more affordable than ceramic window tint
  • Great in providing privacy
  • Offer minor protection from the sun and heat absorption
  • Need to be replaced frequently

Ceramic window tinting:

  • Have 99% UV ray protection and 85% heat reduction
  • Give a higher level of privacy than regular window tint
  • Provide more visibility while driving
  • Use scratch-resistant materials
  • Have longer durability than other tints
  • Are more expensive

As you can see, the benefits of ceramic window tinting are clear. Yes, they may be slightly more expensive than regular window tints. However, they provide more protection for your car.

Window Tinting Is Beneficial

Choosing window tints can be difficult. But you now have all the information you need for regular and ceramic window tinting. Regular tints can help, but ceramic tints will provide you with a safer driving experience.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful. If so, please check out our other car-related posts.