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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Limo? The Ultimate Guide

With the warmer weather here, we are ready to get out more, and in style. Are you thinking about a big celebratory night on the town, or do you have a special event to attend? These are popular times to rent a limo, but exactly how much does it cost to rent a limo?

What comes to mind when thinking about renting a limo? Many people associate a limo with dressing up. Maybe your first limo ride was for a prom or wedding. Do you remember the cost to rent a limo?

A Little History

A limousine is considered a luxury vehicle, driven by a chauffeur. There is usually a partition behind the driver, allowing for passenger privacy. The first limo rolled out in the early 1900s, looking very different from what we see today.

Many states require a special license to be a limo driver. Aspiring chauffeurs must meet their state’s minimum age requirements, hold a driver’s license that is in good standing, and pass a written exam. There are also fees associated with applying for the special license.

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Stretch Limousines

Today, you can rent a limo in all shapes and sizes. Lincoln, Cadillac, and Mercedes are popular limo manufacturers.

There is a 100ft long, 26-wheeled limo that currently holds a Guinness world record for world’s longest car. Its extravagant features include a swimming pool and a water bed. We were unable to determine the cost to rent a limo holding a Guinness world record at the time of this article.

How Many People Fit In a Limo

You want to select the right sized limo the meet the number of people in your party. Here is a shortlist of common limo passenger sizes, not including the driver. The size of the limo is one of several factors that will affect the cost to rent a limo.

  • 3-4 passengers
  • 6-8 passengers
  • 9-12 passengers
  • 10-15 passengers
  • 18-20 passengers

Cost to Rent a Limo

In addition to the number of passengers, there are many other factors that will influence the total cost to rent a limo.

  • Time and day of the week
  • Model and features included in the limo
  • Length of time the limo is needed

In addition to the rental rate, it is very important to tip the chauffeur. Like many other service workers, chauffeurs rely heavily on gratuities to make a living. Show how grateful you are in the form of a cash tip.

Do you want more details on the cost to rent a limo? Take a look here for prices on renting a limo.

Limo Experience

The cost to rent a limo is well worth the experience. You don’t need to have a special occasion to enjoy the luxury experience. No matter what, you will have a great time and most definitely feel like a celebrity.

Prom, wedding, day or night on the town, or simply safe and comfortable transportation. The adventure reasons are endless. Why not add a little luxury to your plans by renting a limo?

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