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Pimp My Ride: 8 Cool Ways to Customize Your Car Without Looking Like a Tool

In the UK, there are more than thirty car manufacturers. At any given time, these manufacturers are making more than seventy different car models. But even with that large selection, you still often see your car’s twin on the road.

If you’re ready to stand out from the bunch, then this article is for you. There are so many different ways to customize your car. In fact, with enough money, you could make it into a car from one of your favorite movies or television shows.

The only limit is your imagination. Read on for some creative ideas to get started.

1. Customize Your Car Seat Covers

Customising your car seat covers is not only a way to make it look good, but it also protects the leather or cloth in your car.

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Over time, the wear and tear on your seats can lead to rips and tears, not to mention the stains from spills. By purchasing car seat covers now, you will be able to sell your car for more money later on too. People will love the look of fresh upholstery and not consider the mileage as heavily.

2. Lights Down Low – Inside and Out

Although the idea of having lights beneath your car seems kind of toolish to some, it really does look awesome when you’re flying along the road at night.

When you consider a color, try to choose something other than blue or red. This is to prevent you from being confused with an emergency vehicle.

Some good color options are purple, pink, lime, yellow, orange, and aqua. Don’t be afraid to take things a step further and get lights for your cabin as well. People will be impressed with your attention to detail, even if it isn’t exactly their style.

3. A Considerable Lift

If you drive a truck or Jeep, then you have to consider getting a lift as one of your potential upgrades. While having a massive lift looks a bit ridiculous, a three-inch lift will allow your truck to have additional height giving you more clearance for tire upgrades.

4. A Great Set of Rims

Some people hate the look of shining rims, perhaps they remind them of bad gangster movies. But a high-quality set of rims is an excellent place to spend your money, if having a polished final look is your goal.

Instead of looking for chrome or super shiny rims, consider a nicely made set of black rims. For the last few years, there has been a trend of “blacking out” your car. This means that you make everything on the exterior of your car black, including getting the darkest tint you can legally buy.

Since this trend caught on so much, there are now a bunch of black rims available in the marketplace. They will give your car a fresh look, and best of all, you don’t have to worry about cleaning them too much since they don’t show dirt.

5. A Banging Stereo System

No car upgrade will ever be complete without a high-quality stereo system. So many people like quality sound that they will wonder why you spent your money elsewhere if you spring for luxury things like customized rims and lights.

To get the most out of your sound system, you should make a list of the qualities that you find most important in sound. Some people just want their music to have a strong bass, while others are more concerned about how clear the sound is.

Once you have decided what your goal is, you will know where to spend your money. Stereo systems are highly customizable so you can put dollars towards just the features you want.

6. Step Up Your Game With Customized Pedals

One place to customize your car that many people don’t think about is the pedals. But if you really want to step up your game, literally, then there’s no better way to make a splash.

Most of the options aren’t that eccentric, but as an accent to the rest of the features you are considering, understated is probably a good option.

7. Find the Ultimate Shift Knob

One of the coolest, least expensive, and most unique ways to customize your car is to personalize your shift knob. The shift knob is the stick in the center console of your car that allows you to shift between gears and into drive, neutral, or park. It’s also called the ‘gearshift’ or ‘gearstick’.

When it comes to the shift knob, your options for customization are nearly endless. Are you a huge Star Wars fan? Then you might like to buy a Darth Vader Helmet option.

Or if you’re super into Disney, you could get one that is the Mickey Mouse ears. For the Buddhists out there, they even make shift knobs with golden Buddhas inside.

Some of the coolest options include a Samurai sword shift knob and a cobra head shifter. Your friends will be so jealous.

8. A Fresh Paint Job

If you just recently purchased your car, then you may want to leave the paint job alone. After all, the original paint protects a car the best.

But if your car is several years old and the paint is starting to show signs of wear and scratches, then you should consider getting a fresh paint job.

There are so many options for paint customization out there, the only limit is your imagination.

9. A Custom Plate

Have you ever seen a car with a unique license plate number like ‘COOLDAD’ or ‘MYGIRL’? Well, you also can have one. See more about what it takes to get them here.

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Now that you have some good suggestions on how to customize your car, you’re ready to get to work.

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