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8 Cool Truck Mods That Are Totally Worth the Money

Aftermarket mods aren’t just for cars and motorcycles, the truck aftermarket parts industry is booming. This is partially thanks to the 17.5 million light trucks and cars that manufacturers sell each year.

Truck mods are a great way to express your individuality and improve the performance of your truck. The real question is where to start though.

Do you dive under the hood and start boost performance? Do you start detailing the body to give your truck a cool look?

We’ve got 8 cool truck mods that are totally worth the money.

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1. New Exhaust

No one wants their truck to sound lame or weak when they step on the gas. Changing out the exhaust is one of the first things that truck owners do.

The best way to pick a new exhaust is to listen to other trucks. You could do this in person, or you could watch YouTube videos.

Putting a new exhaust on your truck isn’t just about sound though. Pick an exhaust that is less restrictive and you can increase your engine power and fuel economy.

2. Wheels

Get rid of those stock wheels and tires and go for something more custom. If you are going for a more street style look then you’ll want bigger rims with a more low profile tire.

If off-roading and a more rugged look is your style then you’ll want a tire that has a larger sidewall and tread. Just know that these bigger, beefier tires are going to cause your fuel economy to go lower a bit.

3. Graphics

If you don’t have experience working on your truck then you may want to stick with a simpler mod. Graphics are a beginner friendly mod that almost anyone can do.

The best part is you can go small and subtle or big and bold with your selection. Graphics are vinyl stickers that you peel the backing off of and place onto your truck.

For a more traditional look, use graphics that mimic the manufacturer designs. For a unique look, go for truck stickers that have a mud splash or Metal Mulisha motif.

4. Bed Extenders

Most truck beds are going to give you 6 to 8 feet of storage space. Sometimes that just isn’t enough.

A bed extender mounts at the end of your truck bed and gives you the space that extends out over the tailgate. This is perfect if you need just a bit more room but don’t want your stuff flying out all over the road.

When you don’t need the extra space, you can flip it around. Then it creates a smaller compartment within the bed of your truck.

This is perfect for keeping your smaller stuff contained in the bed. You can open the tailgate and know your stuff is right there and not shoved deep in the bed by the cab.

5. Tool Box

If you’re using your truck for work, or like to carry a lot of stuff, then you need a toolbox. Most mount either along the side of the bed, or across the bed behind the cab.

You don’t have to store only tools in there though. Think of it as a way to keep your truck organized and neat. Or even a place to store your groceries.

For security, make sure you buy one that has the ability to lock. This will keep your belongings safe while your truck is parked.

6. Suspension

If you want to go off-roading then you have to get a better suspension. This will give you better clearance and better performance while traveling over uneven paths.

Keep in mind that there are laws about what will keep your truck street legal. Many people pair improved suspension with a lift kit. As long as you keep your lift tasteful at 4 to 6 inches you should be ok.

7. Line the Bed

This is such a popular mod that many truck manufacturers are offering it as an option when you buy the truck. There are a couple different types of liners that you can choose from.

If you go with a plastic liner you can expect it to scratch up your bed pretty bad. That kind of defeats the purpose of putting the bed liner in. But the plastic liners are durable and give your truck bed a better look.

There are permanent spray in bed liner options. However, now you are committed to the liner and it’s not coming out, ever.

8. Cold Air Intake

If performance is more your interest then you should look at changing out the stock air intake for a cold air one. This is going to be one of the easiest ways to help your engine breathe easier and increase the engine power.

Just don’t be fooled by fake cold air intake systems. A true cold air intake is going to draw the cool air from outside of the engine bay into your engine.

It should also have increased airflow capacity. Having a larger amount of cooler air going into your engine means there is room for a larger combustion in the chamber. This results in having more power.

Which Truck Mods Will You Do?

When deciding on truck mods for your truck you need to decide if you are more interested in looks, performance, or convenience. If looks are where it’s at for you then consider decals, wheels, and a bed liner.

If performance is more your interest then you should consider new exhaust, suspension, or cold air intake. Finally, if you are just looking for convenience then a toolbox and bed extender is going to make your life easier.

Before you do any mod to your truck you should have the manual.