Bugatti Veyron

Purchasing a Bugatti: A Buyers Guide

Owning a supercar is a dream that millions of people share. But, the process isn’t quite as straightforward as purchasing a regular car. In fact, there’s a large handful of factors you need to keep in mind before pursuing one.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about

You Need to Have the Money

Before you’re able to even consider buying a Bugatti, you’re going to have to prove that you have the money to do so. 

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While this doesn’t mean you need to have the entire value of the car in cash readily available, the company only works with serious buyers who can afford to make the necessary payments. So, just because you dream of having one doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to acquire one for yourself.

The Process Is Designed to Deter Casual Buyers

Before you’re able to move forward with the buying process, you’ll need to attend a pitch at the company’s main factory. Here, you’ll learn about the history of the company, the innovations it’s created in terms of automotive design, how the cars work, etc.

It’s specifically designed to intrigue those who are genuinely interested in the vehicle and to weed out those who only want the car for its aesthetic appeal.

Bugatti is a company well-known for prioritizing buyers who would represent its brand well. Those who don’t fit the criteria will likely be obvious during the pitch at the factory.

You can think of this process as the company choosing which clients it works with. So, you’ll likely need to bring something to the table other than money if you’re serious about buying this vehicle.

Not Just Any Mechanic Can Work on It

Bugatti urges its buyers to avoid traditional mechanics and to only visit registered locations for any work that you need to be done on the car. Since so much care and engineering is put into the design of a Bugatti vehicle, the company only trusts a select few to handle any issues, custom upgrades, etc.

So, keep this in mind if you’re serious about moving forward with your purchase. In fact, it’s best if you educate yourself on the registered Bugatti service locations near you so that you’ll already know where to take your vehicle if you need it serviced. 

There’s a Hefty Down Payment

Bugatti is notorious for requiring a massive down payment from its customers before they’re able to purchase the car. This number is even higher for those who’d like a car to be custom-made for them.

Typically, you can expect this amount to be hundreds of thousands of US dollars. The more personalized you’d like your car’s production to be, the more you’ll need to put down at the beginning of the process. 

Interestingly, Bugatti doesn’t seem to care too much about how you make your money— all that matters is that you’re able to afford it.

There Are Rules for Customization

Those who are interested in customizing their vehicle after purchase aren’t likely to run into issues with the company. But, Bugatti does urge drivers to ensure that their custom work is as original as possible.

Since this type of vehicle is so uniquely designed, it’s an insult to the brand and its engineering to make it stand out less through custom work. So, Bugatti encourages flashy, eye-catching designs (as long as they’re tasteful).

Otherwise, you may damage your reputation with the company and find yourself unable to take advantage of the many perks that being a customer gets you (such as annual events for those who have a Bugatti vehicle).

So, be sure to keep this in mind if customization is something you’re interested in.

You Need to Pass a Background Check

It should come as no surprise at this point that Bugatti thoroughly researches those who are interested in purchasing a car for themselves. This includes conducting a background check on applicants in order to determine whether or not they’re suitable for ownership.

While the company hasn’t released the exact criteria they look for during this process, it can likely be assumed that individuals who have had issues in the past with fraud, theft, etc. aren’t going to hear back from the brand.

You can check out this beginners guide to learn more about what you should keep in mind.

You’re an Ambassador for the Brand 

In order to remain in good standing with the company, you’ll need to remember that owning a Bugatti automatically makes you an ambassador for the brand. This means that your lifestyle should both coincide with the brand’s core values and present a quality image to any social following you may have.

For example, it’s encouraged to frequently showcase your car on social media, but only as long as it’s kept in pristine condition and photographed in beautiful locations. 

Owners who adhere to these terms are reportedly treated like family by the company and frequently invited to the main factory in France.

Damaging your reputation with Bugatti could immediately sever your relationship with the brand and jeopardize your overall experience.

Buying a Bugatti Can Seem Difficult

But it doesn’t have to be.

With the above information about buying a Bugatti in mind, you’ll be well on your way toward jumping over the hurdles that stand between you and owning one of the most exotic cars in the world.

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