Junk Car

This Is How Much Money You’ll Get for Your Junk Car

Will your scrap car go to car heaven? Instead of “car heaven”, it’s more like rein-car-nation.

Between the U.S. and Canadian car recycling industries, enough cars are junked to make 13 million new cars every year. The scrapping and car recycling business is a lot bigger than you might realize, and it’s willing to pay to play.

So, how much money do you get for a junk car?

Time to find out.

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What Affects the Price of Junk Cars?

How much is a non-running car worth, then?

There’s, unfortunately, no way to give a 100% accurate price for junk cars because there are so many factors involved. However, it’s fairly easy and reliable getting money for scrap cars.

Some of the factors involved in junk car prices are:

The location of the car and the value of scrap metal are actually the most relevant points. Why? Consider that a junk car is usually not in an operable condition.

However, just because it doesn’t run now, doesn’t mean that a car auction shop can’t get it running, or strip it for the parts market. That’s where the year, make, and model come into play. If there’s a demand for the parts locally, you might get a higher price.

If you’re in a city with a large car market, there’s likely competition which will drive salvage companies to buy your junker for more. 

How Much Money Do You Get for a Junk Car?

As you now know, scrapping the car usually makes the most sense for the buyer. This depends on if they can use the car for parts or resell it on auction. But we haven’t talked much about the raw material value of the cars.

Each part of the car is made of alloys, plastic, or some kind of fabric. Copper and aluminum are more expensive than you might realize and can earn you quite a bit. To make sure you’re getting a fair price, assume that about 60% of your car’s weight is steel.

Some things that won’t help or hurt your bottom line is tire and brake condition, and whether there is gasoline in the car or not. They won’t be driving your car away. Usually, it will go on a flatbed tow truck.

In the unlikely event that no one wants your car, you can always take it to the scrap yard yourself to lay the old boy to rest for about $95 per ton (as of this writing). Make sure to bring the title and that it’s clean.

Before you get cash for junk cars, make sure to say your good-byes, as sentiment isn’t an earner either.

Closing the Door on Junk Cars

So, how much money do you get for a junk car? It’s a good question with a lot of answers that only each scrap company can confidently answer.

The good news is that when you do junk your car, you’re contributing to road safety and you may see it in another life. The next car you buy might be your first one!

If you aren’t ready to call it a junker just yet, we have great tips and guides for keeping your beloved ride in top shape!