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What is the Best RV Battery? 7 Fantastic Options

Do you spend the summer months gallivanting across the country in your RV? Maybe you like to take a camping trip twice a year? Or, you might have decided to give up the rat race and retire into RV living?

Either way, you should take a look below at these seven options for the best RV battery.

Insight Series Lithium

The insight Series is the best lithium battery for RV. This battery is top quality inside and out and it’s definitely in a class of its own. It has a one of a kind battery management system that you won’t find elsewhere. 

It comes equipped with an innovative algorithm and SuperSmart BMS technology that can manage not only voltage but it also monitors itself for maximum performance. Visit to learn more.

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The VMAX Solar Deep Cycle Battery

This battery is an extremely high-quality AGM battery. It has a unique design and strong plates. This model is very easy to use and it’s always reliable.

It weighs about 75 pounds and won’t emit gases or fumes. It should last you between eight and ten years. 

Deep Cycle Marine Battery-Optima

This battery is just about the lightest deep cycle RV battery you can find. It will charge several items for lengthy periods of time.

You can rest assured the Optima Deep Cycle Marine is one of the best RV batteries around. Be careful with this model, it’s prone to damage because it’s lightweight.

Odyssey PC 680 Extreme

The Odyssey Extreme Series is extremely durable and can stand up to rugged conditions. This battery won’t spill and you can pack it tightly. It has lead plates that allow it to create more power.

It recharges quickly and you can mount it just about anywhere. The Odyssey PC Extreme typically costs about $130.

VMAX857 12-Volt

The VMAX857 12-Volt AGM deep cycle battery is a uniquely designed battery that’s strong and reliable. AGM stands for Absorbs Glass Matt.

AGM batteries are spill-proof because of the fiberglass matt that’s installed. It’s got a tough tank seal and will be reliable and dependable in every condition.

WindyNation 100AH

The WindyNation 100AH model can be charged with solar and is great for recreational vehicles. It’s a lead-acid battery that requires low maintenance.

The WindyNation 100AH is made of mostly plastic material but it’s still durable. The charge will last a long time as well. The heavy-duty plates allow for regular discharges that are deep. 

Battle Born

The Battle Born LiFePO4 is one of the best models out there. It’s extremely versatile and has a large lifespan. You can mount it anywhere and it’s spill-proof and leak-free. 

This model provides 14.5 volts and gives you 3000-5000 charging and discharging. its performance doesn’t change in either cycle.

You can charge and recharge Battle Born LiFePO4 many times and it will still run efficiently. One unique feature of this model is it provides a 200 amp surge for 30 seconds. 

Best RV Battery

All of these choices are great. The best thing you can do is to figure out what best suits your needs.

Are you looking for long-lasting, durable, or versatile? Perhaps choosing Insight lithium technology is exactly what you need?

This will help you choose the best RV battery. Check out our site for more of your automobile needs.