Ship a Car Cross Country

How to Ship a Car Cross Country: The Available Options

Are you moving across the country? If so, you may be wondering how to get your car to the new destination. Well, this could be quite a task, especially if you’re moving thousands of miles away. Luckily, there are several options for doing so.

Take a look at the tips below to learn how to ship a car cross country.

Sell Your Car

If you’re making a big move across the country, there’s a question you should ask yourself. Can my car make the long journey? You also should think about whether or not your new city has lots of public transportation.

If your car is old and doesn’t have the stamina to make it to your new location, consider selling it. Sometimes the money that you spend on gas or paying a car shipping company isn’t worth it for a vehicle that barely works. So weigh your options!

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Drive Your Car

On the other hand, if you do have a reliable vehicle that can make the long journey without giving out on you, consider driving. Just remember that it takes a lot to do this. If you live in Florida and you’re moving to Texas, that is a very long drive.

Consider the cost of gas and room and board on your journey.

Hire a Tow Company

Some cross-country trips are just too grueling to make. If you don’t have a lot of possessions and you want to fly to your new home, hire a tow company. There are car shipping companies out there that can move it for you.

Depending on how far you’re going, this could be your best option.  But you have to write out all of your options and decide which one is the most cost-efficient.

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Use a Tow Dolly

Perhaps the cheapest way to ship a car is to use a tow dolly to do so. If you’re renting a moving truck to transport your belongings, just attach your vehicle using a tow attachment provided by the rental company. That way, you can move everything all at once without any additional costs.

You’ll only have to worry about paying for the gas in the tow truck, not your vehicle. Unfortunately with this option, you won’t have the ability to bypass the long trip and take a plane. But at least you can ensure that all of your belongings get to your new destination safely.

This is also a lot cheaper than hiring a car shipping company.

How to Ship a Car Cross Country

Hopefully this article gave you enough insight on how to ship a car cross country. With all of the moving options available, you should be able to get your vehicle to your new location with no problems.

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