Where to Get Tires Cheap

You already know where to get tires cheap but may be hesitant to give it a try. I know how you feel because I finally made my first tire purchase online. It just seems easier going to a local tire store and put on what they have in stock.

Picture of cadillac SRX

09 Cadillac SRX

What pushed me over the edge was nobody in town had matching tires for my 2009 Cadillac SRX in stock ready to go. When they tried to hard sell me into bogus house brand with all kinds of extras like a lifetime alignment package, I wrote an article about getting tire estimates and what to look out for.

Since my vehicle only needed two tires I wanted to match the ones that I would be keeping on the vehicle. Even though they where a popular Goodyear Eagle model tires the size was a bit odd and no one in town could get them quickly.  When I got price quotes I was shocked at the cost and the wait time.

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We know where to get cheap tires online.  The Tire Rack runs ads on TV and is probably the most popular site in operation when it comes to getting tires online.  A quick side note: I wrote a popular article a couple months ago about how to know when to replace tires it can shed some light on tire replacement.

How to buy tires online

09 Caddy Srx Picture

Cadillac Crossover Vehicle

The first thing to do when you get to the tire rack site is put your cars in the online garage. I selected my year make and model car and tire sizes this created an account. It took about five minutes to complete and was the hardest part of the process. I probably wouldn’t have even gone through the account set up if I wasn’t sure I was going to make a purchase.

After that was done I clicked on my garage and picked the rear tires for my Cadillac verifying that they had the correct size on file. Note that if you’re not sure about your tire size I recommend that you check the doorjamb of your vehicle or the owners manual. This provides the factory original size and speed rating.

We all want to get cheap tires but, it’s highly recommended that you stick with the factory installed sizes to maintain the vehicles handling characteristics. A lot of times when you get tires cheap they will be a different speed rating. Lower speed ratings have softer side walls and can feel very different on your vehicle.

Especially when you are talking about emergency avoidance maneuvers. This could be described as yanking on the steering wheel at highway speeds to avoid something. A lower speed rated tire will flex and make the vehicle slower to respond to the movements of the steering wheel. This is where tire rack shines.

You can do your research on tire pricing and not only get the feedback of other automotive consumers but also from the tire rack test track. In my case after I selected my tire size I was provided with 12 different choices. I decided to stick with the factory installed option which was the Goodyear Eagle because I was matching the front tires that did not need replacing.

Cadillac tires

Cadillac tires

I was tempted to switch to the continental brand that did receive good ratings and was less expensive but I would’ve had to purchase all four tires to be happy. Since this was my first time buying tires online I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as delivery and installation. This is where I was the most pleasantly surprised about the service that they offered. I ordered the tires on a Monday and I received them on a Wednesday.

The two tires were strapped together and had a shipping label clear taped on, they were not boxed. The very next day being a Thursday I took them to my local Firestone and they installed these tires at a special price. When I say special price I’m referring to the deal that the tire rack online website has with local vendors like Firestone and Goodyear.

The stem and balancing package is a few dollars cheaper than if you went in there with tires that you got off of let’s say eBay or something like that. My timing was good and I was done with the tire installation in about a half hour. Note that I have become a tire rack affiliate and could get paid if you buy tires from a link on this page.

But I did save money on the tires and got exactly what I wanted and the installation process couldn’t have gone any smoother. Will your results vary if you try to get cheap tires online? Yes they could, but you will never know unless you try it out for yourself. So the next time you are looking for tires give the online option a try. This next link takes you back to the homepage for the online auto repair blog.

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