Automotive Diagnosis Tips

When it comes to automobile repairs. The word diagnosis is thrown around quite a bit by both the professional technicians and driveway mechanics. Diagnosis is the opposite of guessing at what is wrong.


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When customers need their cars repaired, or if they are going to attempt the repairs themselves proper automotive diagnosis can help control costs, as well as produce reliable car repairs.

The more the driver understands the problem with their vehicle, the better the communication will be with the mechanic or auto repair shop.

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And this communication can be critical for diagnostic charges. If the mechanic is looking for something different than your complaint much time can be wasted.

So to follow is some recommendations about understanding your individual car problem and taking it to the next level by actually doing some research before any action is taken.

Diagnosing automobiles


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To properly diagnose car problems it is best to follow a series of interrelated steps in order to find the solution to a specific car problem.

Automotive diagnostics is a way of looking at a system not functioning properly and finding out why.

This is achieved with a thorough understanding of how the system that is malfunctioning, operates when in perfect working order.

 Example, if you’re car doesn’t start and you believe that it is the fuel pump causing this condition. The first step is to sit down and understand the operation of the fuel pump circuit.

In the case of the fuel pump, understanding the electrical circuit is a good start but not the only steps that need to be taken.

You also want to understand how the pump produces the pressure and supplies fuel to the injector rail. After understanding how the pressure is created and how this affects engine operation, diagnosis becomes much easier.

Follow the auto repair plan


Code repair diagram

Inside automotive service manuals, there are diagnostic aids given for many different systems. These are either symptom-based diagrams or flowcharts.

The flowchart can also be known as a tree chart or even a ladder diagram. But no matter what you call it, this is a step-by-step process that will most likely lead you to success in the shortest time period.

When you follow the repair diagram, you will answer questions at each step. In most cases the answer to that question will be yes or no.

The yes answer will lead you down a different path than the no answer will. This is why it is critical to perform each step correctly. Or you will wind up going down the wrong side of the chart.

Also keep in mind that there are rare cases where a specific car problem may fall through the cracks of your auto repair manual. Although this is extremely rare sometimes you will have to use alternative methods.

When the car repair diagram proves to be ineffective most auto mechanics will conduct a thorough visual inspection of the failed system. Often road debris can cause damage that may not fall in line with your diagnostic tree charts.


Evap wiring diagram

Another circumstance that can cause extremely odd symptoms would be your friendly neighborhood rodent partially chewing through a bulk wiring harness.

In this case, voltage and ground testing may produce unusual readings that do not match what the repair manual provides.

Sometimes fixing cars is a huge challenge and other times you find the fault quickly. So let me ask you this. Do you feel lucky?

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