Off-Road Diesel

What Is Off-Road Diesel? 7 Essential Things to Know

Despite ongoing electrification, did you know that diesel is a resurging fuel across America?

For years diesel has proven to be the fuel of choice for both heavy machinery and commercial vehicles across the country. You’ve likely heard of it before, but what is off-road diesel?

We’re going to tell you exactly what off-road diesel is, how to get off-road diesel, and more essential tips. That way, you’ll be fully prepped on what this niche fuel is and the benefits it might have for you.

What Is Off-Road Diesel?

So, what exactly is off-road diesel fuel?

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Put simply, this is a specific type of diesel fuel that is exempt from regular fuel taxation and regulation. It’s a form of diesel fuel that’s used primarily for off-road vehicles.

It’s also regularly used for things like construction equipment and farming machinery. 

It’s subject to its own forms of taxation and regulation when compared with traditional fuel. This makes it a more affordable fuel overall.

But there’s a lot more to bear in mind when it comes to off-road diesel and its use. The following are 7 essential tips you need to know when considering purchasing off-road diesel.

1. The Many Names of Off-Road Diesel

Firstly, you need to know that off-road diesel has several different names.

You may have heard off-road diesel referred to as ‘red diesel’ because of its color, which we’ll get onto later. But off-road diesel is also known as ‘untaxed diesel’ by certain people.

If you hear any of these phrases, they are all referring to the same type of fuel. For the purposes of this post, we’ll continue referring to it as off-road diesel.

2. Is Off-Road Diesel Different from Regular Diesel?

Off-road diesel is different in certain ways, but it is in fact the exact same kind of fuel when compared with regular diesel.

It’s made of the same fuel and can therefore be used to fuel the same vehicles or machinery as regular diesel fuel. The differences lie in how it’s regulated and taxed, as well as in its unique color.

3. The Off-Road Diesel Color

As mentioned above, off-road diesel is red in color. This is done by adding a special dye to the diesel before selling.

Specifically, either Solvent Red 26 or Solvent Red 164 can go into diesel to achieve the red color of off-road diesel. This is to signify that the fuel isn’t made to sell in the same way as conventional diesel fuel.

It’s also possible to remove the red color of off-road diesel in certain circumstances. This should never be done before sale and is almost definitely an illegal activity regardless of when dye removal is completed.

4. Why is Off-Road Diesel Red?

Red is the chosen color because it is significantly different from black. It is an instantly recognizable color, which is why red is used in other applications such as traffic lights.

It’s chosen to ensure that there can be no doubt that the diesel being purchased is in fact off-road diesel. 

Red has also been chosen because it’s typically quite challenging to change the color of diesel fuel. This is due to its consistency, and its deep black natural color.

5. Is Off-Road Diesel Legal?

Yes, off-road diesel is legal, but only if you are using it for certain vehicles, machinery or reasons.

It is illegal to use off-road diesel on a private car or truck. It is however possible to use for commercial vehicles in construction, farming, or other areas. This is what makes off-road diesel an effective cost-saving solution for companies in certain sectors.

This is due to the fact that it’s designed to provide a cheaper alternative to regular, conventional fuel. If you’re looking to run your personal vehicle, you’ll need to purchase regular diesel like everyone else.

But if you’re looking for a more cost-effective way to run your machinery for your company, off-road diesel might be just what you’re looking for.

6. How Much Does Off-Road Diesel Cost?

So, the burning question; what is the price of off-road diesel? Unlike conventional diesel, this isn’t an easy question to answer.

This is because there’s no official pricing structure for off-road diesel when compared with regular fuels. This is thanks to its less regulated nature and other factors.

What is usually the case is that off-road diesel fuel is cheaper to purchase by the gallon than ordinary fuel. This is thanks to the lessened taxation it experiences.

The best way to find out the price of off-road diesel is through contacting a dedicated off-road diesel supplier.

7. Where Can I Purchase Off-Road Diesel?

If you’re interested in off-road diesel cost, chances are you’d like to know where it can be purchased.

There are typically a number of different local suppliers of off-road diesel across most areas throughout America. This is because of the popularity of off-road diesel for businesses who require it for machinery or other means.

Because of this, the simple answer is that off-road diesel can be purchased anywhere across the country where there are fuel suppliers. However, you must always be purchasing it for usage in commercial vehicles or other purposes where off-road diesel use is legal.

If not, you could be breaking the law.

There are also some dedicated companies today that deliver off-road diesel fuel to companies who need it most.

To find out more information about this, make sure to search for off road diesel delivery near me in any reputable search engine.

Where Can I Find Out More About Off-Road Diesel?

Now if anyone comes along and asks you what is off-road diesel, you should be able to give them a detailed answer. You should also know where they can purchase it from, should they be in need.

If you do have any other questions about off-road diesel, make sure to look through previous posts on our website. We have articles about a number of automotive topics, so we should have the answer to what you’re looking for.