man repairing brakes

DIY or Don’t: Pros and Cons of Repairing Brakes Yourself

Repairing brakes can be a tricky thing to pull off with no prior experience.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t as simple as replacing old parts with new parts of the same size and shape. Different cars have different types of brakes on them.

If you’re still weighing out the decision of whether to fix the brakes yourself, here are a few pros and cons of putting your mechanic hat on.

Pros and Cons of Repairing Brakes Yourself

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of it.

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Pro: You Can Customize Them to Your Liking

If you’re a motorhead, then you’ll want to supervise the quality of the parts that are being put into your car’s brake system.

If this will be one of your first DIY projects on your car, you may not know enough yet to decipher between brands.

You have full control when you change your own brakes, so whether you have a brand you swear by or want to mix and match with the top brands, you’re free to do so.

If you have a mechanic repair them for you, they may use a brand they swear by or are endorsed by which may not exactly line up with what you envisioned. 

Con: You May Lack the Necessary Attention to Detail

Even if you are knowledgeable than most when it comes to car parts and where everything lines up, you can be easily overwhelmed once you go to fix it.

You may not realize what else needs to be cleaned or replaced other than the brakes themselves.

The brake system of a car is very complex, meaning that one misplacement can sabotage its ability to work properly.

If you can’t list off the top of your head whether your car has disc brakes, drum brakes, or anti-lock brakes, you should put the wrench down now and seek out professional brake repair instead.

Pro: It Can Save You Money (If You Know What You’re Doing)

Repairing your own car brakes can help you save money by dodging the service and installation fees of taking it to a mechanic.

You can also purchase only the necessary parts at the cheapest price point and not be upsold.

You may have no choice but to pay for the hefty price point of the parts the mechanics have at their shop.

Careful though, because it’s one of the most important safety features your car has. Brakes are not something you want to go cheap on.

Con: You May Misdiagnose the Problem

What if it turns out the brakes themselves aren’t the problem?

You’ll be replacing your brakes only to have the BRAKE light continue to blink at you once you start the car. 

Having an expert look at it will help expedite that process by reporting to you what they find and what all needs to be fixed.

Get an Expert’s Opinion

If you choose the route of repairing brakes on your own, it still doesn’t hurt to get an expert’s opinion.

Repairing brakes yourself can be a great way to consolidate money and time if done properly.

Be sure to do your research and check out our online auto repair page and find your car’s auto repair manual.