worst car in the world

What Is the Worst Car in the World?

If you have an old and beat-up car, it may feel like you have the worst car in the world. But you probably don’t.

Humans are capable of great things. But we’re also capable of great failures. For every moon landing, there’s a Tommy Wiseau movie or pants ruining nonfat chips by Lays.

Here’s our honorable mention, runner-up, and winner for the worst car of all time.

Honorable Mention: Reliant Robin

Replacing tires is a pain that we all try to resist. The expensive ones cost too much and the cheap ones may not be reliable.

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You know what isn’t a solution to this problem?

Just having one less tire.

If you’ve ever looked at a new car and asked if it comes in tricycle, the Reliant Robin is the car for you.

Believe it or not, Robin was not quite as Reliant as claimed. It could roll over if you were to even drive when it’s too windy. If your car is more susceptible to crashing due to the wind than a sailboat, you may have the worst car in the world.

Sadly, there are cars far worse than the Reliant Robin. Such as…

Runner-Up: 1971 Ford Pinto

You may think you have the worst car in the world, but ask yourself: has my car ever exploded while I’m driving it?

If the answer is no, consider yourself lucky.

The 70s were a different time. Double denim and bell bottoms were on the cutting edge of fashion. Grease was a cinematic revolution, and people meant it when they said “nice mustache.”

The Ford Pinto was part of the culture of those crazy, hazy times. Now, we’ve all had our engines overheat before, but the explosion of your car due to an engine trouble seems a bit excessive.

As often as people like to joke about the Ford Pinto, one thing that is no laughing matter is the actual impact of the Pinto on human life. Up to 180 people died due to Ford Pinto engine fires.

Worst Car In the World: The Car From The Flinstones.

By far the worst car in the world is also the coolest way to cruise around the town of Bedrock.

Fred Flintstone’s car makes absolutely no sense and seems like it would be a terrible drive.

First off, how is running while dragging something heavy, even with wheels, quicker? And even if it is quicker, wouldn’t that be balanced out by the speed of running on an unpaved road.

There’s also a steering wheel in the front, but it seems unlikely that you could turn the thing without seriously injuring yourself, given that a sharp turn leading with the car would break your legs and ankles.

But by far the worst part about the Flinstone family vehicle is the total lack of air conditioning, sort of a necessity in a boiling hot pre-historic world.

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