2019 chevy volt

Rides Like a Dream: The Complete Low Down on the 2019 Chevy Volt

After being on the market for four years, the 2019 Chevy Volt has a handful of updates that were implemented to make this plug-in hybrid one of the best on the market.

This new plug-in hybrid is great for everyday practicality and getting the most out of electric battery charging.

While it hasn’t changed on the outside, it’s what’s underneath the hood that blows its hybrid competitors out of the water.

We are here to walk you through all of the updates of the new 2019 Chevy Volt and help you decide if it is a good fit for you and your daily driving habits.

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Impressive Electric Battery Driving Range

The electric motor offers 149-horsepower and 294 pound-feet of torque. This provides up to 53 miles of electric driving range. This doubles many other hybrid plug-in cars such as the Toyota Prius, which usually receives 25 miles or less of electric battery power range.

With the average commute averaging at 40 miles round trip, the 2019 Chevy Volt can get you to and from work every day solely on electric power. It even provides you with extra miles to spare. However, it is important to note that the battery power plummets when driving on the freeway or hilly terrain.

If your commute is farther than 53 miles or you decide to go on a road trip, Chevy implemented a backup plan just for you. After you run out of electric driving capabilities, the 2019 Chevy Volt seamlessly switches over to its gas-powered generator, offering another 367 miles until empty. Thus, this plug-in hybrid car offers up to 420 miles on a full charge and a full tank, leaving all of your worries of being stranded back at home.

Fast and Efficient Charging

The standard charger for the Premier model of this plug-in hybrid is a 7.2 kW onboard charger, and it is also an option for the LT model. With 22 miles of charge per hour, this charging method almost doubles the all-electric driving range per every charging hour. It also virtually cuts the recharging time nearly in half.

In other words, you can completely replenish a 40-mile round trip commute in two hours. That makes this the 7.2 kW charger the fastest and most efficient way to charge the 2019 Chevy Volt from home. However, the charging station does require professional installation.

Automatic Engine Assisted Heating System

Previous Chevy Volt lease owners who live in cold climates found that the assisted heating system kicked on if it got even relatively cold outside. This means that the gas-powered generator kicked on as soon as it got cold, eliminating the ability to run on the electric charge. Many people found that they were filling their gas tank up more often than they should when it was cold outside.

One of the updates of the 2019 Chevy Volt includes a new and improved automatic engine assisted heating system. General Motors Corp. assured that the assisted heating system in the new plug-in hybrid will only kick on if temperates drop below minus 13 degrees F or minus 25 degrees C.

The 2019 Chevy Volt Is One Of The Best Hybrids On The Market

The bottom line is that the implemented updates to the new 2019 Chevy Volt have made this car one of the best plug-in hybrids on the market. Not to mention that people receive, on average, 1,100 miles before they have to refill their gas tank.

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