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Why is Ceramic Coating a Great Option For Your Vehicle?

Trying to keep your looking brand new? Ceramic coating may be the perfect solution for you.

The global ceramic coating market is increasing year by year due to high demands from the automotive industry. Even the construction industry places a high demand for it because of its protective properties.

Ceramic coating in cars is kind of like a premium wax in that it does everything better than a regular wax. It offers better protection and it lasts much longer. In fact, you might find that one application is enough for your car’s lifetime.

Take a look at 10 of its benefits below and you might find it the best type of coating for you.

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Maintains and Increases Value

Just got your brand new car? Great! Let’s make it feel brand new by using ceramic paint coatings.

Your car will earn its battle marks as you use it, no matter how careful you are with it. Even if you make it stay in your garage 24/7, it will just gather dust. Some chemicals in there might even come in contact with the paint.

That’s why it’s important that you give it protection as soon as you get it, kinda like getting a case for your phone on day 1. If you decide to sell it down the road, your car will still look new enough for you to fetch a high price on it. Even if it’s been a while since you bought the car, getting a ceramic coat job will increase its value in an instant.

Has a 9H+ Hardness Level

Most protective coatings for cars only have 4 to 7H on the hardness scale. In that regard, ceramic coating trumps them all because its hardness can go up to 9H.

Think of it as having a tempered glass for your car’s surface instead of your phone’s screen. The ceramic coat sort of forms a hardened shell that will protect your car from scratches, dirt, dust, UV rays, and more.

That’s the simpler way of looking at it, but it’s more than that. Coatings bond with the paint on a molecular level.

That’s why the application process might be more important than the hardness because the paint shouldn’t have any chemical or contaminant that will disturb the bonding phase. This is crucial because you would not get to experience all the benefits of a ceramic coat otherwise.

Provides a Protective Surface

Dirt, mud, and other particles are a normal part of any car. Well, don’t make it normal for yours with a ceramic coating. The clear coating acts as a protective barrier that shields your car from these.

It’s hydrophobic, which means it repels water. Mud, grime, and other liquids won’t mess up your paint. Some may stay, but they won’t put up a fight when you wipe and wash the surface.

It will even save you from the frustration of getting rid of pesky droppings that birds let go when you just washed your car. A simple wipe will do the trick, as no contaminants will stick to the surface.

You can even drive your car through the rain and it will come out looking sparkly clean because of its hydrophobic properties.

Protects Car from UV Rays and Chemicals

A layer can be two microns thick, which is unlike a wax coating with 0.02 micron or even less. This enables it to protect the car better and even against UV rays.

The sun’s UV rays are harmful to your car’s paint in that they target the chemical bonds in the paint, breaking them down and then leading to a faded color in a process we call photodegradation.

At the same time, UV rays hasten oxidation, which not only makes the paint lose its hue and result in a washed out color but also makes it brittle.

Ceramic coating bond with the paint, protecting it from chemical contaminants as well. Examples are oil, petrol, brake fluid, and other liquid that leaves a stain on your car that you might not be able to remove at all.

If UV rays and chemicals leave behind some unwanted damage to your car, try calling professionals like K&M Mobile Detailing to get help with color correction.

Has Scratch Resistance

Scratches tend to show up in our cars, even if we’ve been extra careful. The thing is, others will not be as careful as you around your vehicle. Even you yourself are bound to get a scratch or two, but you won’t have to mind it too much if get a ceramic protective coating.

Still, don’t go bulldozing your way through the roads and parking lots. Ceramic still won’t prevent major scratches and chipping from rocks. The best it can do is to protect the surface from scratches from keys and such objects.

Nonetheless, having this type of coat on your car will make driving a little less worry-free, and you won’t have to worry about scratching while cleaning it.

Leaves No Hard Watermarks

Washing your car with hard water will make it prone to having watermarks, which spoils the look of your car. A remedy is to use soft water instead, or better yet, get a ceramic paint coating done.

If you keep seeing watermarks on your car’s surface, you might be unknowingly using hard water when washing. It contains mineral deposits that stay when water has evaporated, hence hard water spots. Because ceramic coat is water repellant, water drops will roll off.

However, we still don’t recommend you continue washing your car with hard water. Some water droplets may remain on the surface, which will give the opportunity for water spots to form. Furthermore, the water may have contaminants that are bad for your car’s health, ceramic coating or no.

Eliminates the Need for Car Wax

Do you enjoy the benefits of a car wax, but having to do it every few months is too much for you? Ceramic coating solves that for you. This type of car coating gives you the benefits of a wax sealant, but it lasts longer, unlike wax that wears off in 3 months or less.

This also works out better for you financially. The average car wax session costs $200. If you want to protect your car and give its looks an oomph, that will set you back $800 a year. In 5 years, you would have spent $4,000.

The ceramic paint coating, on the other hand, costs $1,500 on average. As we’ve mentioned above, it can last up to 5 years. There’s the potential to save a couple thousand dollars and more.

Enhances the Look of the Paint

Ceramic coating will protect the car in many ways, but it has the additional benefit of making the paint of the car always looking like brand new. Imagine the look of your car after a waxing session. It’s like that but better.

Applying ceramic coating will give your car a special shine that not only makes the colors pop but make it stay that way for a long time. It adds depth and clarity to the existing paint, and it enhances the glossy look of your car.

Because the coating is durable and it protects the cars from dirt, you don’t need to exert the same effort as you would previously in maintaining the look of your car. You can enjoy that waxed and newly cleaned look without having to clean as much and without needing to wax every few months.

Makes Car Easier to Clean

Car experts often recommend washing your car once a week, especially if you take it out of the garage every day. If you follow this religiously, this might become a thing of the past when you get a ceramic coat.

Because of the reasons above, you won’t have to clean as much mud, dirt, and grime at the end of the week. Nothing will stick so much that it will require you to get some special formula that will get rid of it. Some users even commented that they only needed to spray some water to get rid of the dirt.

Those on the go might not even wipe after spraying, but we recommend you do it still to avoid water spots.

Lasts Longer Than Other Types of Coating

One application of a ceramic coating is enough to give you all these benefits and also to let you enjoy them for a long time, which means years. A good ceramic coat can last up to 60 months, while others might only last 12 months. Some options even come with a 7-year warranty.

Either way, you’re getting more bang for the buck than a wax coating that you’ll have to reapply on a regular basis. Ceramic coat tends to last longer than other types of coating, long enough that you might have to apply it only once before you buy another car. Always make sure that you get it again for your new car as the factory sealant don’t compare.

If you want to make it last longer, don’t forego proper maintenance because your car is more resistant now.

Compare Ceramic Coating with Other Types

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