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7 Unique Cars You Can Rent For a Special Occasion

There’s a great chance you’ll never spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to own your dream car. Even if you did buy it, you’d probably be afraid to drive it around too much.

Why not spend a fraction of the sticker price and rent unique cars you’ve only dreamed about?

Let someone else worry about upkeep and maintenance. You can just worry about driving and looking good. Check out these seven unique cars anyone can rent.

1. Ferrari

Everyone knows the style and design of a Ferrari. As one of the most flashy and expensive vehicles on the market, there are several reasons to rent a Ferrari.

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Do you have a child who is going to a school dance? Instead of renting a limo, get a Ferrari for the dance attendees. Their friends will have plenty of questions for them about their car after the dance.

With such an expensive car, you’ll probably have to be the driver.

Another reason to rent this Italian sportscar is for social media. YouTube content creators and social media influencers can use Ferraris to produce new videos and content.

Some people have rented Ferraris to make prank videos, while others use Ferraris just to gain social media impressions and interactions. Whatever your reason for renting a car designed by the late Enzo Ferrari, you can’t go wrong.

2. Bentley

If you prefer British flair, the Bentley shows elegance and class. If you really want to buy a brand new Bentley, you’re going to spend at least $200,000.

Make a strong impression with clients or prospects by showing up to meetings in a Bentley. This conveys that the business is doing well and that you have fashionable taste.

A good tip is to coordinate any suit or outfit with the color of the car. You want the regal look when you step out of the car. Hire a driver or chauffeur to truly enjoy the comfort and harmony of the Bentley.

3. Rolls-Royce

A car once reserved for the uber-wealthy can now be rented at luxury vehicle rental businesses. You probably won’t want this vehicle for business meetings or a weekend outing.

Rolls-Royce cars are ideal for one-day rental situations. Weddings are a perfect event that requires and complements the majesty of a Rolls-Royce. Every head will stare at you as you drive down the road.

Spacious and built for comfort, a Rolls-Royce is a car that you definitely don’t want to drive around in the mud. A brand new Rolls-Royce will cost you a large-sized home in the suburbs – around $300,000.

For some people, just being around this luxury vehicle is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you rent this vehicle, you might have people asking to take pictures with it.

The rarity of this car makes it sought after for purchase and for rent. If you inquire about renting one, you may be thoroughly screened. Usually, a Rolls-Royce demands a considerable waitlist.

4. Maybach

Directly in competition with the Bentley and Rolls-Royce is the Maybach. Once a standalone company, it’s now part of the Mercedes family.

At one time in its history, the Maybach sales numbers in the US rarely broke 200 units. The exclusivity helped create a prestige status but hurt the financial well-being of the company – thus its sale to Mercedes.

Finding an original Maybach to rent is a treasure hunt of its own. You can expect to pay a premium to use this vehicle. There’s a high probability you’ll have to reach out to private collectors.

If a luxury car rental has a Maybach in stock, there’s a good chance it’ll be a newer one made by Mercedes. These renditions are still pristine cars.

The rarity of current Maybach models is found in the production number. With some models, only 99 units were produced. The sticker price of these machines runs around $700,000.

5. Maserati

If you’ve ever been in Beverly Hills, you probably saw a Maserati or two driving down Rodeo Drive. As fancy Italian luxury vehicles, Maseratis are a favorite among the Hollywood rich and famous.

For head turns and questions, renting a Maserati will cause even the shyest gawker to speak up.

The performance is strikingly similar to a Ferrari, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. Maserati sold its controlling shares to Ferrari with leadership guiding both companies.

Make someone’s graduation or night of celebration special by renting a Maserati. It doesn’t matter what model you pick: the car shows fun and classy personalities at the same time.

6. Audi

Maybe your rental budget is smaller than you want. You can still get elegant vehicles that command respect.

Audi is a perfect example of excellent engineering and flawless design. They aren’t positioned as super-luxurious, but their performance is top-of-the-line.

You can still stun at a meeting or ceremonial event by pulling up in an Audi. If you make the impression you want, think about buying an Audi. They are one of the most affordable luxury vehicles on the market.

Use the money you’d save to increase your portfolio.

7. Bugatti

From the least expensive to the most expensive, Bugatti is a French carmaker known for making extravagantly priced vehicles.

Their modern lines are recognized by their distinguishable by the front grill. Many people will go their entire lives without seeing a Bugatti.

The sticker price of a brand new Bugatti vehicle will go beyond $2 million. In fact, renting a Bugatti for one day may cost you close to $20,000. Renting this car is a dream in itself.

If you get the opportunity to rent a Bugatti, expect to sign a lot of waivers. Take a lot of pictures and videos to show all your friends it wasn’t just a crazy dream.

Renting Unique Cars

Choosing to rent unique cars instead of buying them is a smart economic choice. You save money and fulfill your dream of driving luxury cars.

Whatever reason you have to rent a unique luxury vehicle, take comfort that you won’t be completely responsible for the upkeep.

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