Auto Glass Repair

What You Should Know About Auto Glass Repair

The average American drives about 13,500 miles per year. But as you chart your course across the highways and byways in your hometown, you might come across a few obstacles. A construction vehicle in front of you or a cruise down a gravel road can present you with one such snag: a tiny rock that bounces up and onto your windshield. 

If there’s a crack in your windshield, then you probably want to learn more about auto glass repair before you bring your car to the garage. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Why Did My Car Window Crack?

As previously mentioned, a rock or stone might fly up and chip your windshield. But that’s only one of the many ways that your windshield might have an imperfection or crack appear.

If you wash your car with steaming water on a cold day, the pressure on the glass could cause your windshield to crack. Funnily enough, extreme wind can cause your windshield to crack, too.

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On top of that, the rubber on your windshield wiper might wear down over time, exposing the metal beneath. So, when the wipers go on and the metal hits the glass, it can cause some serious scratches.

And, other times, a crack comes down to a defect in manufacturing. In that case, the automaker-in-question will likely replace the glass for free.

Can My Chip or Crack Be Repaired?

Now, if your windshield chips or cracks and it wasn’t a manufacturer’s mistake, then you will have to get it repaired. It’s a hazard to you and other drivers to hit the road with a damaged sheet of glass on your vehicle. You don’t want it shattering while you’re driving, of course. 

So, auto glass repair companies like Multi-Glass Of Texas LLC may be able to fix your existing windshield in some cases. If the crack’s only on the exterior side of the glass, for example, they may be able to fix it. Cracks that are shorter in length than a dollar bill may be able to be fixed, too.

The opposite is also true, too. If the crack goes all the way through to the interior of the glass, or if it extends longer than six inches, you will probably need a new windshield. 

How Long Does Auto Glass Repair Take?

It may seem like a delicate process — and one that takes a while to complete. However, auto glass repair is a relatively quick job. Small fix-up can take as little as a half-hour. Meanwhile, if mechanics fully replace the windshield, they’ll need about an hour to do so.

I’m Ready to Get Back On the Road Safely

Auto glass repair ensures that you and other drivers are safe on the road. So, if you notice a crack or a chip, don’t ignore it — take it in for a quick repair or replacement. And, now you know exactly what to expect when you do.

Be sure to check back with us for more auto repair tips and advice.