Engine Rebuilding

4 Cars That Need an Engine Rebuild Yesterday

When people buy a new car, their biggest concern is not purchasing a lemon. Luckily two-thirds of lemon cars will show signs of a problem within the first month. However, just because you make it past the lemon law time period, doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. 

Many vehicles don’t start having problems until later on. These are problems that appear after you’ve driven 50 or 100 thousand miles. Most often, the issues arise in the engine. If the problems are really bad, they can result in you needing an entire engine rebuild. 

Read this guide and keep an eye out for the cars likely to need an engine rebuild.

1. Audi A4 2.0T

The 2009 and 2010 Audi A4 ranks as one of the worst car engines ever built. What makes this car especially infuriating, is that the car runs fine for the first 100,000 miles. Then, somewhere between the 100,000 and 150,000 mile mark, everything comes apart. 

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This will have you asking Google to “find an auto body shop near me” to have the many problems addressed. Eventually, you’ll realize that the repairs aren’t worth it, and you’ll need an entire engine rebuild. One of the most common problems owners experience is high oil consumption that creates problems with the cylinder heads. 

2. Ford F-350 6.4-Liter Diesel

Another one of the cars with the worst engines is the Ford F 350 from 2008. The problems start making their presence known much sooner than the Audi. After about 60,000 miles, you’ll begin to have problems. 

The most common problem is that the radiator fails. This leads to overheating and an eventual engine rebuild. 

3. PT Cruiser 2.4-Liter

The 2001 PT Cruiser is one of those cars you should just continue walking by. If you have a sense of nostalgia for a twenty year old car, this isn’t the one. The vehicles have a faulty engine cooling system. 

Over time, excessive heat causes the car’s engine to break down. The problems become especially evident after the 100,000 mile mark. Eventually, they need an engine rebuild. 

4. Mini Cooper 1.6-Liter

The Mini Cooper may be a cute little car, but the 2008 and 2009 models are plagued with problems. The worst part is that it isn’t just one faulty part or a reoccurring problem. There is a whole range of issues that can pop up. 

Owners complained about faulty ECUs, electrical problems, leaking oil, and warped valves. The problems don’t show up until around 125,000 miles. This can lead you to a false sense of security, thinking your Mini may have escaped the engine rebuild fate. 

Start Your Engine Rebuild

If you find yourself the owner of one of these dud vehicles, then you may need to perform an engine rebuild. One thing you’ll notice is that many of these vehicles don’t start showing problems until you’ve driven a certain number of miles. 

This means you still have time to dump your vehicle for something better. This is a smart move because you’ll lose less now than waiting until the car’s engine starts having problems. 

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