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Car Detailing Details: What Does It Cost to Detail a Car?

According to one study, about 64% of Americans drive every day.

If you’re one of those Americans who drive all day, you don’t want to spend your time driving in a dirty car. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to detail your car! But how much does it cost to detail a car? Keep reading to find out!

Average Cost

The best way to figure out how much it will cost to detail a car is to ask the company for a quote or search on their website for a list of their prices.

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A lot of things can affect the cost of the detailing, but there are often different packages for your car. You can look through the packages, and generally, the more detailed ones are more expensive. 

If you get a basic car detailing service, you’ll probably pay around $50 to $125 for a sedan. If you have a larger vehicle or SUV, you might have to pay between $75 to $150.

For an upgraded package, which will be more detailed, then you’ll likely pay a minimum of $150 for a sedan, and $175 for larger vans and SUVs. 

You can also pay for additional services if none of the packages have what you’re looking for. You can pay for a better waxing, which would be around $50. 

If you want your car steam-cleaned, then that could cost about $75. There may also be additional services you could get like engine cleaning or removing dents, but you should contact the company to ask what their prices are.

Different Packages to Buy

Generally, companies do sell different levels of detailing in packages. 

They should offer a car detailing guide with prices on their website, but you can normally call them and ask as well. 

Basic Package

If you have a smaller vehicle that isn’t too dirty, you can probably be okay with buying a basic package. 

This normally includes waxing, tire cleaning, interior vacuuming, polishing surfaces, cleaning windows, trim, and mirrors, and hand washing the exterior of the car. 

They’ll sometimes use special chemicals to clean your car as well, which can help make it look brand new. 

They may even use clay removers, which will remove any debris from ruining the paint. The clay will help remove anything that wasn’t removed from regular external washing. 

Upgraded Package

If you have a larger car or it’s really dirty, you may want to get an upgraded package. This package is also great for people who want a little bit of something extra. 

This will generally include all of the things listed in the basic package, but it will also include some extras like an engine cleaning, odor removal, washing the underbody of the car, removing dents, cleaning the leather seats, and cleaning the white wall of the tire. 

Factors That Affect Price

The two different packages will affect the price, but the size of your car will also make a difference. 

You may also have to pay more depending on the condition of your car. If it’s dirtier, then they’ll have to spend more time cleaning it, which will cost more money. However, if they’re speedy and experienced, you may be able to save some more money. 

For example, if you have a car that’s cleaned only every five years versus one that is cleaned every year, the car that is cleaned every year will cost less money. 

How to Save Money

Detailing your car can get really expensive, so some people tend to skip the process.

However, keeping up with the detailing can actually save you a lot of money, but there are a few ways to also save money on detailing. 

Do it Yourself

One way that you can save money on it is to detail your car on your own. Many people wonder how to detail a car at home, but it’s actually very simple. 

You can buy cheaper products and save money on different materials that will still ensure your car is clean and ready to go. 

For example, you may be able to find some wax that is discounted. To find some of these, you can look for discounts or rebates online. If you contact some auto body shops, they may even be able to tell you a good place where you can buy your supplies. 

Choose a Good Company

Lastly, choosing the right company could help you save a lot of money.

In order to make sure that you find the perfect company, you can ask your friends or family for recommendations. If they don’t have any, look online and start reading reviews from what other people had to say. 

If a customer thinks that the company charged too much, you’ll know to stay away from them. 

When you do find a good company, ask them for a quote on how much they think your car would cost. If they charge by the hour, ask them how long they think it would take to clean your specific car. 

To get the best estimate, give them as many details as possible.

Learn More About How Much it Costs to Detail a Car

This is only an average cost of how much it costs to detail a car, but there are many more things that will affect the price. 

We know that maintaining your car can be extremely difficult and confusing at times, but we’re here to help you out!

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