Cracked Windshield

This Is What to Do When You Get a Cracked Windshield

Your windshield might have the same lifespan as your car. But it might also fall victim to the elements and break down long before your ride does.

If you notice that you have a cracked windshield, you shouldn’t ignore the problem. Doing so is dangerous to you and other drivers on the road. Instead, follow these five tips until you can get your car in for a proper windshield repair.

1. Don’t Clean the Crack

You might think it’s a good idea to keep dirt and debris out of your broken windshield. However, water can do way more damage than these particles can.

Water can seep further into the crack, sometimes reaching the inner safety layer of your windshield. If this happens, then you might need to replace your windshield completely, rather than simply repairing the pane you have.

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2. Tape Your Windshield

Until you can get your car to the pros, you can use a bit of tape to keep your cracked windshield in place. This clear adhesive keeps the glass together while stopping dirt or water from getting into the crack.

Plus, you can continue to drive and see through the windshield crack once you cover it with tape. This fix is temporary, of course, but it can keep your windshield functioning and safe until your mechanic can fix it.

3. Avoid Big Temperature Changes

Next, you can avoid major damage to your windshield by keeping the temperature relatively the same. So, if it’s winter out, try not to have your car’s heating vent blowing directly on the windshield. This will cause the glass to expand as it warms, thus allowing the crack to grow.

The same goes for your windshield on a hot day. Try and keep your car’s air-conditioning at the highest possible temperature to keep you comfortable without risking the glass to contract and crack further.

4. Brush on a Coat of Clear Nail Polish

If you’ve got a nail kit at home, it will come in handy the next time your windshield cracks. You can use a clear-colored polish to keep the shards together until you can reach a repair shop.

Now, you’ll want to carefully wipe down the glass with some paper towels to remove any superficial debris. Then, brush on a coat of clear polish into the cracks, just to keep everything together. You can do the same with superglue.

Have a Pro Fix Your Cracked Windshield

No matter what you do to keep your cracked windshield together in the meantime, there’s no way around it: you’ll have to have a professional fix your windshield. They might be able to buff out the striation, but you might need a new windshield. Either way, you’ll drive out with a much safer pane in front of you — and that’s important as you head back onto the road.

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