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The Top 10 Must-Have Truck Accessories Worth Every Penny

At growing rates, people are flocking to buy trucks. In fact, this year saw demand for some trucks almost 40 percent higher than the year before.

But once that marvelous machine is in the garage, truck upgrades can make life even better.

What truck add ons are worth the purchase? Read on for the top must have truck accessories that are worth every cent.

How to Choose Must Have Truck Accessories

When it comes to options for truck add ons, the sky’s the limit. That’s why it’s smart to nail down priorities before pulling out the wallet. Here are some things to consider:

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Is it Adding Value?

Before buying an accessory, drivers should think about how much that add-on is really worth.

Is it saving time during a daily work routine? Is retaining the truck’s value? These things should be factored into the cost of an accessory.

And it’s a good thing to consider if upgrades might affect the resale value.

Are There Hidden Costs?

It’s easy to pick out the cheapest option, but paying for a must-have item twice can add up just as fast.

Before pulling the trigger on an upgrade, do a little research to make sure the brand is reliable.

Will it Void the Warranty?

It’s a good question to ask before making any truck upgrades. Simply put, the best pickup truck accessories don’t hurt the value of a truck.

It’s smart to check manufacturer info before putting in an upgrade. And it’s also a good idea to get truck add ons professionally installed.

With those thoughts in mind, here are the top 10 must have truck accessories that are absolutely worth it:

1. Full Bed Liners

These are all about protecting a truck’s value and boosting convenience. It’s one of the best truck upgrades out there. And that especially goes for people who haul gritty loads or equipment.

Bed liners can be put down like a rug and protect the bed against scratches. There are also durable bed liners that can be sprayed on (shop now).

And bed liners don’t just protect a truck owner’s investment. They can keep items from sliding around and can hold tools or equipment in place.

That also can turn into a quieter ride. And it makes cleanup a cinch after especially grimy trips.

2. Heavy Duty Floor Liners

It’s another top truck accessory that can make a truck’s value last. Floor liners can keep dirt, crumbs, and spills off the carpet.

But not all floor liners are created equally. It’s a good idea to pick out floor liners that are non-slip and grooved. This will keep liquids contained before there’s time to clean them up.

It’s also smart to pick something durable. After all, they’ll be stomped daily and grit from shoes can easily wear them down.

3. Tailgate Assists

This is one of those must-have truck accessories that are often overlooked. They work as shock absorbers for the tailgate.

That way it doesn’t slam down and hurt the truck. Instead, it absorbs the impact. That can prevent having to deal with costly repairs.

And truck owners can adjust how fast a tailgate falls.

4. Reliable Tailgate Steps

This is one of the best pickup truck accessories for people who haul items often. Crawling in and out of the bed can be exhausting and rough on the body.

A solid tailgate step will make it easy to step up into the bed. It’s also a lifesaver for shorter people and kids.

5. Bed Tool Boxes

These can make a world of difference, especially for people hauling around lots of tools.

Good bed tool boxes sit snugly in the bed and can keep tools organized. They keep tools from sliding around and tearing up a truck bed.

The best bed tool boxes are lockable, so the owner doesn’t have to worry about item safety. And most are removable. That means the owner can clear up space as needed.

6. Truck Bed Lighting

Truck use shouldn’t have to stop after the sun goes down. Truck bed lighting makes it easy to see tools or grab useful items in the dark.

These can come in LED strips that attach with a line of tape. That means the truck owner can pick where the light is needed most and easily stick them in place.

7. Tailgate Locks

Tailgates can be stolen, and they end up costing thousands to replace. Tailgate locks are an inexpensive way to protect a truck from thieves.

They work a lot like padlocks, and they secure to the tailgate hinge. And the owner can pop the lock off with a key.

8. Bed Reaches or Retrievers

This is one of the best truck accessories for short truck owners or people with a limited reach.

Items shift and slide around a truck bed. That can mean they’re hard to get to. Bed reaches make it easy to hook items and pull them to the tailgate.

9. Canvas Seat Covers

Seat covers are another one of those must have truck accessories that can protect the value of a vehicle. They protect against seat tears or stains.

It’s smart to pick out covers that are waterproof and easy to remove. That way they can be cleaned up and put back on after a muddy or grimy trip.

10. Under Seat Storage Units

With so many needs for equipment and hauling loads, it can be easy to run out of room in a truck. And there’s a lot of wasted space underneath the seats.

Under seat storage units keep things from rolling around the interior of the truck. That means items aren’t sliding under the driver’s feet.

It’s also a good way to keep items hidden out of sight and organized. That means they’re less of a target for costly break-ins.

Maintaining a Valuable Truck Beyond Accessories

These top 10 must have truck accessories are worth the money. But accessories aren’t much good if the vehicle isn’t in good running order.

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