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How to Negotiate Auto Repair Estimates with Your Difficult Mechanic

The average American household has 2 vehicles sitting in their driveway right now.

While owning a car can be fun and adds a ton of convenience to people’s lives, cars are not always easy to manage. This is particularly true if your car needs repairs.

A car owner will typically spend around $1000.00 per year on repairs. That number could be a lot higher if you bought your vehicle used.

To bring the cost of repairs down, negotiating with your mechanic on auto repair estimates is vital. Doing so however can present a challenge to consumers.

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Below, our team provides a few quick tips that can help you with your repair negotiations.

1. Know Who You Can and Can’t Negotiate With

It’s a well-known fact that mechanics are one of the few professions in the USA where haggling is still possible. That’s not to say though that all mechanics are willing to haggle.

When you go to a mechanic, they’re one of three types of operations. They’re either a dealership affiliated mechanic, a franchise (JiffyLube), or a mom and pop shop.

Dealerships and franchises will almost always have set prices that they won’t budge on. Mom and pop shops (independent mechanics) are a lot more willing to negotiate auto repair estimates.

2. Negotiate Before the Work is Done

Never negotiate your repairs after work has been completed. Not only is doing so dishonest and tactless on your part but you also have no leverage.

Chances are you’ve already signed an estimate and the mechanic does not have to release your car until your bill is paid.

3. Get Multiple Estimates

The more estimates you have, the more leverage you have. If you have estimates from another mechanic or from websites like that you can show to a mechanic, they may be willing to price match.

If they’re not, you have solid grounds to walk away from the deal and will also be letting the mechanic know that their rates are noncompetitive.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for a Manager

Anybody that knows how to deal with difficult people in a retail setting knows that one of the most common arguments an associate will give is that they’re not authorized to do what you’re asking them to do.

If you ever receive this argument, simply ask to speak to someone that is authorized.

You’ll know if the associate that you’re dealing with was being dishonest if they refuse to produce the person of authority. Never do business with a dishonest mechanic.

Wrapping Up How to Negotiate Auto Repair Estimates

Our simple tips above should help you set the table for productive negotiations in regard to your auto repair estimates.

Never be afraid to ask for the best price and also never hesitate to walk away from a bad deal!

If you’re looking for more information on auto repairs, check out additional content on Online Auto Repair today!