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Is a Used Aston Martin Really Cheaper? The True Cost of Aston Martin Service

An old saying about European sports car goes like this. If you want to purchase one, you’ll have to buy two, but the maintenance will end up costing you that much.

And unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve probably figured out that Aston Martin service and repair is more expensive, even if the Aston Martin is a used car. As a car owner, it’s important to know all the necessary costs to help you maintain your vehicle adequately.

Today, you’ll know for sure.

Why Should I Care How Much An Aston Martin Service Costs?

It’s a fair question. With all the different sports cars out there you can choose from, what makes an Aston Martin worth buying or thinking about in the first place?

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Let’s start on the highway.

It’s a sports car with an Aston Martin price. Its got sports car stick shift and sports car handling. It also has sports car sizing and sports car two seats.

So you wouldn’t count on this fancy car to cover as much ground as an excellent long-distance cruiser. Its akin to expecting a basketball to be good at telling time.

However, it is an excellent long-distance cruiser. The car is quiet; the seat is beautiful and the ride is smooth. The cruise control, air conditioning and stereo all work great on a long trip.

So how much do Aston Martins cost? And does a used Aston Martin price make a difference in that overall cost?

Aston Martin Cost Breakdown

We’ll start with the Aston Martin price of owning the car. For the most part, there are no surprises. The Aston Martin CPO warranty totals to $3,800, though claims can jump up that price. A timing problem can cost you upwards of $4,409, a door strut replacement $351 and a broken thermostat total cost is 351 dollars.

All these issues can come up in the first month of use, even though the car could have just been sitting on the lot for months even if you’re driving the Aston Martin around like any other car. Sometimes these issues don’t come up, but you should be aware before buying that they can.

And if the Aston Martins suffer from these problems fresh off the lot, odds are the used Aston Martins will too.

But again, this is a luxury car, so it should be no surprise to you that an Aston Martin cost is far from cheap.

More On The Aston Martin Price

Gas mileage is also much to be desired. An average 1,487 -mile trip can burn through 77. 366 gallons of gasoline which equal 19.22 miles per gallon. Just driving on the highway returned 20.19 miles to the gallon and topped the EPA’s guess of 19 miles per gallon on the road.

That’s good in any car. So expect to be paying a lot to be fuel gauge pointing upward.

Let’s not forget about the maintenance. Every 10,00 miles whether your car is new or used you have to take it to an Aston Martin dealership for a yearly service. This service averages about $1,400 to complete at the dealership.

Also after 3 or 4 services, some extra services are required, increasing the cost to about $3,000. If you buy your Aston Martin used and you get lucky, something like the rear brakes which usually costs $900 wouldn’t cost you anything. But don’t forget a car has front brakes too, and those can cost an upwards of $1,200.

Cars also have clutches. If you have to replace the clutch for any reason, the average cost is $4,900.

Are There Any Reasonable Costs In The Aston Martin Cost?

Surprisingly, the answer is yet. Not on the car itself. Everything on the Aston Martin bears a hefty price.

But the insurance can be reasonable depending on where you live and the average rates in your area. If you live in or near Philadelphia, the Aston Martin cost of ensuring your car is the same as ensuring a Range Rover. Why is the insurance not a significant cost even though everything else about it is?

The apparent reason is that the older the car gets, the cheaper the insurance is.

Is The Aston Martin Cost Normal For A Sports Car?

Priceecomics took the data from an online mechanical provider called Your Mechanic and gave the matter some hard facts. There 30 brands that were looked over a 10-year period examining maintenance cost. The precise data is known for sure, but the averages are large.

The cheapest luxury car to repair was a Scion at $6,400 and most expensive being a BMW at 17,800. You can find the full list and prices at the Priceecomics blog.

So Should I Buy It Used Or New?

The short answer is it doesn’t matter. Yes, an Aston Martin and an Aston Martin Service could be cheaper to care for overtime for the same reason the insurance is more affordable the older the car gets.

The long answer I’ve shared with you already. That even if you score a high price on a top of the line or just well taken care of Aston Martin, the cost of ownership is just as expensive as the asking price. Purchasing this luxury brand of a car is the just the beginning of the Aston Martin cost. Certain things like foresight can save you some money.

A $3,800 certified pre-owned warranty could prevent you from paying up to $5,498 worth of repairs on things like a timing issue.

All Good Things Come To An End

In essence, just because you can afford the asking price of an Aston Martin service doesn’t mean you can provide the cost of owning one. If there is anything you take away from this article, its that owning an Aston Martin or any kind of sports car is a tall order. Keep your budget in mind.

Oh and word of advice to anyone planning on buying a 34,000 V8 Vantage with a rebuilt title and rims from a used car dealer in Florida going by the name of “Exotic Cars.”

Don’t buy that one.

Oh and if you want answers on how much your repairs will be right now, ask a mechanic over chat here.