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After-Market Autos: 5 Ideas to Customize Cars

Did you know the aftermarket car industry brings in $18 billion per year to the US economy? Many people are starting to realize that aftermarket products are often better than manufacturer upgrades. But do you know which are the best to have?

From increasing the looks to boosting performance, we can help. Read on as we give our must-know guide on how to customize cars.

1. Steering Wheel Covers

A great, cheap way to personalize car interiors is to buy a steering wheel cover. It can fit your interior style and suit your driving needs. It also adds a great retro touch with a hint of old-school glamour.

The right steering wheel cover will provide grip and comfort. They can also regulate the temperature of the wheel, protecting your hands on hot days and cold mornings.

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2. Floor Mats and Seating Covers

One way to use after-market parts to really give your car a new, fresh look is to purchase floormats and seating covers. These areas can quickly become worn and tired, especially if your vehicle is in regular use. You can choose from a huge range of materials and styles, from bright tones to sporty faux leather.

Be aware that some universal covers may not comply with safety features in the vehicle. They may cover or obscure side-impact airbags. In this case, you would need to source compliant ones or get modifications done.

3. Get a Window Tint

A window tint gives your car a mysterious, VIP look to it. However, aside from looking good, it also has practical applications. The right tint can prevent UV rays from entering your car, protecting you from the sun, and keeping the car cool on hot days.

There are a number of tint choices, from a total blackout look to colored fades. Obscuring the view inside your vehicle can also increase security.  Check with your country or state regulations before installation, as they are illegal in some areas.

4. Use a Custom Exhaust

A custom exhaust adds a sporty look to your vehicle. In addition, it will upgrade the performance of your car.

Exhaust gases are released more efficiently, letting more air into the engine. The fuel burns more efficiently, generating more power. This will be audibly evident by the growl you get from the custom exhaust.

5. LED Lights

LED lights are brighter but use less energy. They also last longer, so even though the bulbs may be slightly more expensive they work out the same price over the long term. In addition, they make you more visible to oncoming traffic and other road users.

Customize Cars With Professional Assistance

While some of these ways to customize cars are easy to do yourself, some may require assistance. Contact your local garage or shop for a quote, and you could be driving away in your custom ride today!

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