Car Body Style

Which Car Body Style Is Right for Me?

Are you ready to buy a new vehicle? If so, you’re probably filled with a number of mixed emotions.

Of course, buying a new car is exciting. However, there are also several things you need to consider to make sure you’re making a wise investment. For example, how much money can you afford to spend on a new vehicle?

Just as importantly, what type of vehicle should you buy? There a three major types of car body styles to choose from – sedan, truck, and SUV. Keep reading for a quick guide on how to make the right choice. 


First, you need to consult your budget. We recommend getting pre-approved to find out how much money you can take out for a car loan. Traditionally, trucks and SUVs are more expensive than sedans. 

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However, the cost of your new vehicle also depends on the year, make, model, and trim package. For example, a fully-loaded sedan may cost far more than a basic SUV of the same year. 

Regardless of the car body styles you’re interested in, we suggest buying used. A brand new vehicle can lose up to 30% of its value in the first year.

Fuel Economy

Different car body types also perform differently in terms of gas mileage. While you can find fuel-efficient options in all types of car body styles, heavier vehicles will always require more fuel. 

The size of the vehicle’s engine will also play a role in fuel consumption. A high-powered motor will go through more gas, especially if you drive with a heavy foot. 


If you want car body styles explained in terms of functionality and capabilities, think about your lifestyle. If you have children, you’ll want a vehicle that can accommodate all the members of your family. You’ll also want something with maximum comfort and safety ratings. 

If you enjoy outdoor recreation, you may want a vehicle with four-wheel drive. For camping and boating, you’ll need a vehicle that has the power to tow your camper, boat, four-wheelers, dirtbikes, etc.


Next, when talking about the different car body styles, you can’t ignore reliability. While most modern vehicles are incredibly dependable, some vehicles are easier to maintain than others. 

For some valuable insight on the topic, check out this article on Sedan vs SUV: Which One Is More Reliable? However, it’s important to understand that the reliability of your vehicle comes down to two major factors – driving style and vehicle maintenance. 


Finally, if you want car body types explained in terms of safety, there are different angles from which to view your options. For example, sedans are smaller, easier to drive, and harder to tip. However, because of their smaller size, they typically endure more damage in collisions.

Trucks and SUVs, on the other hand, can take a hit. They’re typically built stronger and have amazing safety features. However, because of their size and stature, they take longer to stop and are easier to roll. 

Having a Hard Time Choosing Between Car Body Styles?

If you’re still on the fence between the different car body styles, we hope our article helped clear things up for you. Ultimately, you need to choose the best vehicle for you, your family, and your lifestyle. 

But if you’re looking for more automotive buying tips, we have more help to offer. Check out some of our other articles for more advice. Our blog was created to help vehicle owners make good decisions.