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Want a Cheap Volkswagen? Here are the 5 Cheapest Volkswagen Vehicles to Maintain

Volkswagen, the German vehicle company that holds a lot of history under its belt. As early as the first Beetle, it has continued to manufacture cars for the public for decades.

With that kind of history, it makes you want to keep one. Its cadre of newer and more modern models makes you wonder if you can find a cheaper car to maintain. In fact, they do.

We will come across five cheap Volkswagen models in terms of maintenance.

Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle is notably one of the iconic Volkswagen models due to its roots in the past. It holds a signature rounded design that gives tribute to its predecessor.

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For its performance, the Beetle is great for cruising and covering distance. Coupled with the engine, its bulbous body design is aerodynamic while in cruising speeds. Add to that the suppressed sound and adjustable seats, you get a Volkswagen that’s comfortable to drive.

In terms of style, the interior blends the charm of both modern and retro-elements.

In terms of price range and budget, maintaining the Beetle is friendly to the pocket. Maintenance ranges from as low as $63 up to as high as $2123, averaging at around $203 or so.

For its popularity, the Beetle is one of the cheapest Volkswagen models to maintain. A good thing for a cruiser model as it is both sporty and economical.

Volkswagen Golf

Another cheap Volkswagen car in terms of maintenance, the Golf. Compared to other Volkswagen models, the Golf is one of the recommended vehicles in terms of performance. You should still read up on Volkswagen manuals to get a more intimate understanding.

Being a hatchback model, the Golf is best described as something that is in between a car and an SUV. Despite which, it is well-lauded for as a great all-rounder.

In terms of performance, the Golf glides smoothly with its superior suspension system. It is also noted for being rather quiet during drives. Its engine is both powerful and fuel-efficient, making it an economical choice.

For its interior, it has a smooth finish and an ergonomic layout. This ensures a comfortable experience while driving. Also, the Golf is spacious on the inside, driving point to its comfort and ease.

As a Volkswagen model that is on this list, it is cheap to maintain as well. The maintenance cost ranges from as low as $63 and can reach as high as $2124, averaging at around $202.

The Golf is quite a keeper, reliable and notably powerful as a Volkswagen hatchback.

Volkswagen Jetta

Next in our list of cheap Volkswagens in terms of maintenance is the Jetta. It may appear overshadowed by other models, but the Jetta still delivers in some way and it shows.

The performance of the Jetta is reliable with its engine. Don’t let the numbers fool you as its torque delivers well on low revs.

In terms of the interior, the seats are what makes the experience feel superior. It blends comfort and elegance with its appearance. While it’s not a hatchback, it is still versatile thanks to its adjustable seats that expand the space in the bay.

It has the quality that tells you it is a well-made Volkswagen. When it comes to owning one, it is quite careful with fuel. With proper care, the Jetta will serve you well and far longer.

Speaking of maintenance, the price range for maintaining the Jetta can go as low as $63 and may go at $3864 at most, giving an average of $206 with its expenses.

It may seem lackluster but a Jetta is budget-friendly as a cheap Volkswagen model to maintain.

Volkswagen Scirocco

The Scirocco has interesting reviews regarding its capability and style. While some argue that it’s only a rehash of the Golf, it delivers quite well with its performance.

With its performance, the Scirocco feels like a Golf GTI, but slightly better as it feels quicker. You still get the same Volkswagen experience and handling.

The interior holds the look of a modern Volkswagen. If you’ve been in one, you’re guaranteed to have the same feel in the Scirocco. The space at the back is notably generous for its size, although the headroom in the back may give you some problems.

Despite which, controls work like a dream and driving one is quite an experience. Owning a coupe such as this is quite friendly in terms of fuel budget. Still gives you the feeling that this is a Golf GTI in disguise.

When it comes to maintenance, the price range for the Scirocco is between $70 to $2036, giving it an average of $183.

It feels like a Golf but the Scirocco is quite good in the maintenance upkeep.

Volkswagen Touareg

The Touareg is an interesting case, being an SUV.

Despite its size, its driving power coupled with efficient fuel consumption speaks volumes. Couple that with its 8-speed setup on automatic transmission makes driving this far more manageable.

It is also noted for its comfort and ease of handling. It runs stable with good traction on the road thanks to its wide wheelbase. The Touareg majors on comfort for both the driver and the passengers.

This is evident in the interior. It holds a massive space, leaving enough room for comfort while driving. The panel and the gauges are also a marvel to look at.

Owning a Touareg doubles the mix of comfort and keeping expenses to a minimum. When it comes to the maintenance costs, the price ranges from as low as $66 up to as high as $2821, leaving an average of $253.

This Volkswagen model is an interesting thing, making its size a comfortable fit for families while keeping expenses to a minimum. In case the options sought for are on the SUV side, this is a Volkswagen model that you can choose.

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Indeed, a Volkswagen is an interesting choice in terms of quality and history. Knowing that they are cheap to maintain is something that would come as an edge.

Don’t hesitate to visit us today. We have a great range of manuals that you can use in case you want to service them yourself. Being able to repair and maintain them yourself makes these models viable.