Water under car

The water under the car situation. I see this every summer. As most of us know when you run your cars ac in the summer the condensation is released under the automobile.

When you park the vehicle after running the air conditioner a puddle of this condensation will collect underneath.

Some new drivers will see this water under the car and think a problem has developed. This next post is from a visitor that got sucked into this situation and how they got out of it.

I had water under my car


puddle under car

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I wish to thank you for your E-book regarding auto repair scams. I wish I had come across your work years ago.

I have a long commute, and I read the entire book in 2 sittings. I’ll read it again just so some of your wisdom will rub off on me.

The book is very informative, and though I’m not a good negotiator, I would hope that I would be able to use some of your advice.

I recently heard some intermittent sounds in my car (sounds like screeching brakes?) When I looked under the car, I saw some water dripping.

I immediately took it to a well known auto repair chain store, and told them that my car is leaking (that’s all I said).

I told them I did not know what kind of liquid it was. I left my car, and went home. I inspected the drip marks where I parked my car, and saw that it was only water (pretty sure it was not even coolant).

So I immediately called the shop, and told them not to perform any work on the car because I only saw water.

When I came back to pick up my car, they told me that I have two problems, namely a) my water pump needs to be replaced, and b) my oil gasket is leaking. Estimate for the water pump is ~$500 and ~$400 for the oil gasket.

Auto repair options


car under water

I ask if I had other options, and the service manager said that if I agree to both repairs, then I only need to pay $700.

I told them I’ll come back the next day. Later however, I decided that it might be better to look for another shop.

The fact that I mentioned that I saw water made me think that the water pump problem is just made up. On the following days, I verified that there was no more water which was dripping from my car.

My car fluids were also in their proper levels. Lastly, my car temperature also appears normal.

Up to now, I still hear the same screeching sound especially when driving at slow speed. What advice can you give me? Do you have a list of honest repair shops?

Also, your book has stories where you provided some auto repair help by negotiating in behalf of a customer. Do you do that for a fee or for free :).

Thanks again for your e-book.