Car ac repair

Car ac specialty shops are popping up all over the country.

Automotive service retailers are realizing the pure profit involved in repairing automotive air conditioning systems. 


car ac compressor

Car ac repair is also one of the commonly overcharged repairs on cars and trucks today.

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It is also very common for automotive ac repair bills to reach well over $1100.

It is possible that an air-conditioning repair shop may overcharge the automotive consumer for simple a/c repairs unless they are savvy.

Many times the a/c repair shop will replace additional parts in the air conditioning system that may not need to be replaced.

When a car ac system stops putting out cold air, a very common cause of this is that the Freon leaked out.

This is where the diy car mechanic can jump into action, and actually locate where the refrigerant leak is.

Finding car ac system leaks


ac leak detector

Some auto repair shops that I have worked at including the one I work at now own a fluorescent dye tracer system for finding system leaks.

To find refrigerant leaks using the fluorescent tracer system, you first have to install the fluorescent dye into the air-conditioning system.

Always follow the instructions and do not install too much dye! The cooling capacity of the ac can be reduced if you give into temptation and install a little extra.

Ac leak detectors


auto ac tester

Electronic type car AC leak detectors would be the second tool I reach for when diagnosing air conditioning leaks.

This is the preferred method of leak detection for many diy car mechanics because it is safe and effective and can be used with all types of refrigerants.

I use the Robin air ac leak detector. It is a hand held battery operated electronic type Freon detector.
The test probe on the end of the unit is moved about 1/2 inch per second in the areas of suspected leaks.

A slow beeping sound indicates that the ac leak detector is sniffing for refrigerant leaks. Remember that freon is heavier than air and will sink to the lower side of the fittings and lines when a leak is active.

When the leak detector finds a refrigerant leak a warning buzzer or an audible warning will sound. You have just found your leak.

For more information on the repair and testing of car ac systems visit the section of my website that focuses on automotive ac repairs.