Auto repair stories

A site visitor asked me to post their auto repair story for others to learn from. The lesson to be learned is the power of the second opinion. Let’s see how Dreka saved 50% on her 94 olds cutlass car repairs.


94 Olds Cutlass

Hello my name is Dreka. I absolutely loved reading your free auto repair book and I want you to know that it has encouraged me even more so to pay attention to my car.

I recently obtained my first car it’s a 94 cutlass supreme Oldsmobile. So of course it being 15 years old I’d imagine will call for a few repairs every now and then.

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With this being said I hope to stay in close contact with you in the future if I have any questions.

I must say the things you were able to do for the other people needing your assistance was astonishing! You truly are in a league of all your own.

My auto repair story

I have a story to tell you. Two months ago I went into a chain auto service garage to find out why the brake lights didn’t work.

They hooked my car up to a machine for 75 bucks and said that it was a wiring issue and with labor and everything would cost 600 dollars.

They said they would need to get under my dashboard but really couldn’t help me understand why. I didn’t have the money so I told them I’d come back.


GM turn signal switch

But something didn’t feel right so I left and did some research of my own. I already knew the fuses and lights were good from a clerk at auto zone.

She mentioned a brake light switch. Saying they rarely needed to be replaced but given the age of my car and not knowing who the previous owners were was the only thing she could think of. I agreed to buy one because it was only 10 bucks.

I have a hard time coming up with money for bills let alone car repair so I did more research and got a recommendation from a friend for this garage.

I realized my turn signal stick wasn’t staying in place either but not thinking one had to do with the other I decided to fix the brake lights first because it was causing me to have tickets.

Oldsmobile brake light switch


1994 olds cutlass coupe

While at the new garage they stated I needed a new brake light switch and turn signal switch after testing everything.

I felt a warm and fuzzy feeling as I directed them to my glove compartment and for the brake light switch and told them I would pick up a new turn signal switch.

The whole thing with the new parts was 260 bucks. This was a hell of a difference from the $600 original auto repair estimate. I will be going back to them about my a/c and other little things in the future.

The car is old so I don’t think I’ll be doing any huge repairs that aren’t absolutely necessary I only plan on keeping it for 2-3 years if it lasts that long.

But hopefully I’ve found a long term repair shop with them. And hopefully I’ve found a long term auto repair adviser with you. I’m feeling very liberating having read your book and so I’ll be writing that chain repair shop manager a letter with a piece of my mind.

I’m even considering sending in a complaint to the attorney general. Even though he hasn’t taking my money I’m sure he’s done so to someone else.