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4 Incredibly Useful Things to Buy at a Motorcycle Accessories Shop

Did you know that more than 10 million households in the United States have motorcycles? If you are a proud motorcycle owner and are looking at what to buy at a motorcycle accessories shop, you are in the right place. We have put together this guide to share the best gear to stock up on. 

Keep reading to learn our must-have accessories.

1. Phone Mount Holder

If you will be using your phone as your navigational system then we highly recommend looking into a motorcycle phone holder. There are some phone holder options that you can install on the mirror bar or you can install it on the 7/8″ handlebar.

This website has a great phone holder option that also comes with USB Charger Port Integration. 

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2. Helmet

Motorcycle safety gear is something that you do not want to skimp out on. Your helmet investment is one of the most important accessories you will purchase because it will help protect your head. You can choose from a full-face helmet, a half helmet, a 3/4 one, or an open face option. 

Keep in mind that most head injuries in a motorcycle accident happen around the jaw. Also, we recommend replacing your helmet every five years because after around this timeframe the adhesive that helps hold the helmet together starts to dissintegrate. 

3. Tank Bag or Backpack

If your motorcycle does not have saddlebags then you might want to consider adding either a tank bag or backpack to allow you to transport some items while you are riding. There are some tank bag options that are magnetic so you can stick them to your steel gas and not worry about it flying off. 

There are also backpacks that come with helmet straps which will come in handy when you take a riding break or run some errands. 

4. Tire Pressure Monitor

Although modern tires will give you extra grip while you are out riding if they are not at the right temperature they will not give you the best traction. Having a tire pressure monitoring system on each tire will help you keep an eye on your tire’s pressure at all times. We recommend looking for a monitoring device that looks like the average valve cap because you simply replace your current caps with those. 

Keep in mind that these are battery operated but usually, the batteries last around 18 months as long as they remain in low-power mode until the tires sense movement. Having tires with the perfect amount of pressure at all times will also give you better mileage and more uniform wear on the tires.

Ready to Shop Till You Drop at a Motorcycle Accessories Shop?

We hope that now that you have our top things to buy at a motorcycle accessories shop, you can start making your list and head to the shop as soon as possible or shop online. 

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