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The Average Car Window Tinting Prices You Can Expect to Pay

Tinting your car’s windows can help the vehicle stay cooler without working as hard. It’s also a great way to up the awesome factor of the vehicle. Yet adding any kind of extra feature to your car can be pricey.

If you’re thinking about getting car window tinting, consider the ramifications carefully. Things like applicable laws and costs should factor into your decision. Here’s more about which states allow tinting, as well as the costs involved in the project.

Know Before You Start

Before you get started with a window tinting project, you want to know what you’re getting into. Besides the hours you’ll spend on the project and the costs involved, there are also the local laws to consider. You can visit this page to learn about the laws in the U.S. regarding window tinting.

Some states, like Indiana, specify the percentage of tint allowed for each window (30%, except on the front window, where only a top section of the window may have tinting). Arizona is another like this, with no tinting allowed on the front window, any amount allowed on the back and rear side windows, and only 33% on the front side windows. In California, it’s as much as 70% on some windows.

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Make sure you know the laws before you proceed, or you’ll risk penalties. Once you’re sure of your options, you can start thinking about window tinting prices.

DIY Car Window Tinting

These kits usually cost less than $100. You can do the project yourself and save a ton of money if you trust your own skills.

Yet it’s easy to mess up a tinting project, and there’s nothing worse than driving around with bubbling and peeling tint on your windows. If you choose not to leave the bad tint job on, removing it is even more time-intensive.

Only use the do-it-yourself option if you’re sure you have the time and patience to do it right. Otherwise, it’s best to hire someone to help.

Professional Tinting Costs

The regular costs vary based on the size of the car. Small vehicles can cost anywhere from $125 to $300, or about $25-$50 per window.

Larger vehicles cost more because they take more time. They also require more supplies, so the cost of the job increases.

Professionals charge even higher prices for high-quality tinting material. While regular film gets the job done, other materials like metallic, colored, or ceramic tint all increase the price by quite a bit. For specialty tinting, expect to pay more like $800 for one car, or more for a larger vehicle.

Tinted Windows

When you’ve considered all the options, car window tinting may still be on your to-do list. You may choose to invest the time in doing the project yourself or hire a professional.

Make sure to consider what’s legal in your area before you get started, or it will cost even more to remove the tinting.

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