New Tires

5 Warning Signs That You Need New Tires

More than 200 million replacement tires are purchased every year in the US alone, totaling almost $20 billion in replacement parts. This standard procedure makes up a significant portion of auto repairs and can cost you a hefty fee.

It’s important to make sure you’re getting new tires on time. If you’re replacing them too early, you’re wasting money and sacrificing a chunk of your tires’ lifespan. If you replace them too late, you’re risking safety issues.

So how do you time your replacement tires? By keeping an eye out for the following indicators! Read on to learn all the signs; it’s time to get new tires!

1. Uneven Wear

Uneven wear on your tires is the result of many issues. It might be that your car is out of alignment, your tires are improperly inflated, or your tires are just getting old.

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Whatever the cause, the result is the same. Your car will have a difficult time maintaining contact with the road. This can lead to blowouts and flats, in addition to reducing your fuel efficiency.

Repair your tires or get them replaced, and have your mechanic check your car’s alignment for the root cause.

2. Worn or No Treads

If you can see the wear bar in your tires, it’s best to replace them. Your wear bar, in some types of tires, is located by the base of the main treads around the tire.

The best tires on the market usually have this feature, an easy and timely indicator that it’s time to find some replacement tires.

3. A Shaking Car

If your car shakes even though the road is smooth, this might be caused by an issue with your tire pressure or worn tire treads. Your tires might also be cracking or bulging, leading to shaking.

If your car is shaking, it’s never a good sign. Be sure to check your tires and your alignment.

4. Old Age

Your tread might look fine, but on the inside, your tires might be straining and on the verge of popping. Exposure to heat and dry air can cause damage to the tires even if you’re not driving much.

It’s a good rule of thumb to change your tires every 5 years or so, even if you can still see tread.

5. Lots of Miles

If you drive a lot, your tires will need more frequent replacement. Similar to old age, lots of driving can gradually wear down the inside of your tires.

Your tire manufacturer usually provides a set number of miles, after which you should replace your tires. If they don’t, 60,000 is a good safe number. After 60,000 miles on your set of tires, get them replaced.

Don’t Delay Getting New Tires

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, it’s time to get new tires. It’s best not to delay, or you risk causing more damage to your car. You are also risking the safety of yourself and your passengers.

Don’t put it off, and pick up a set of replacement tires today!

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